Cowboys Never Marry Their Best Friend by Emmy Eugene

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This is why cowboys should never marry their best friend…

Jenna Wright grew up next-door to Chestnut Ranch and the five Johnson brothers. Her older brother was best friends with Seth Johnson, and Jenna may or may not have had a crush on the handsome cowboy in her younger years.  It was a long time ago, she tells herself.

Now that she’s divorced and back in town, she definitely has eyes for her best friend.  Will he ever notice her?

Jenna reasons that he’s busy with his ranch and his dog rescue operation. They had an Edible Neighborhood project they were working until funding became a problem, and when Seth learns he’s inherited over two billion dollars from his mother’s half of a family cosmetic empire, he rushes to tell Jenna they can now fund the Edible Neighborhood. 

He wasn’t supposed to kiss her.  It was an accident, he tells himself. But Seth’s own feelings roar to the surface, and he can’t ignore them.  Where did those come from?

Can best friends Seth and Jenna navigate their rocky pasts to find a future happily-ever-after together?

Titles in The Johnson Brothers / Chestnut Ranch series include — Cowboys Never Marry Their Best Friend – Cowboys Never Kiss Under the Mistletoe – Cowboys Never Get a Second Chance  – Cowboys Never Have a Secret Baby – Cowboys Never Marry Their Boss – Cowboys Never Cry Over a Fake Marriage – Cowboys Never Kiss and Tell

Title:  Cowboys Never Marry Their Best Friend
Series:  The Johnson Brothers / Chestnut Ranch #1
Author:  Emmy Eugene
Genre:  Romance, Modern Western Romance
Published:  September 24, 2019
My Rating:  3.5 stars (rounded up to 4 on some sites)

COWBOYS NEVER MARRY THEIR BEST FRIEND is the beginning story in the Chestnut Ranch series.  This is Emmy Eugene’s first book (according to her Facebook page) and she delivers a good story with lots of characters, a steady thread running throughout (it would appear) the series, and likable, relatable people living in her world.  I am always so glad to see an older couple as the main love interest.  Seth and Jenna are in that 35-40 age span, old enough to have had life take a few nasty bites out of them, but never too old to fall in love again and take another chance… eventually.

This one is definitely a slow burn romance, with slow being the most important word in that phrase.  It’s a clean romance, definitely toe-curling kissing but no more than that.  For me, as much as I did enjoy Seth and Jenna’s story it is slow-moving and full of almost constant events that both hero and heroine are involved with that it became a bit overly busy early on.  I got used to the writing style, and after a while simply accepted that we were going to go slow and steady in this world.

There are some heavy issues addressed in Jenna’s and Seth’s story.  And since they are not addressed fully in the cover description I’m not comfortable talking about it in a review.  My heart ached for them both yet there were times when Jenna frustrated me so very much.  And that’s enough said for you should make up your own mind about their reactions to… life.

COWBOYS NEVER MARRY THEIR BEST FRIENDS is a good story, a slow-paced romance with likable characters, a functioning ranch, lots of dogs and puppies and a full cast of characters who will, one day, have their own stories told.  I liked it, I’ll follow the series since I now feel that I know some of the brothers enough to want to see how life treats them.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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