Cowboy’s Rescue by Marie Ferrarella

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Amid disaster, a rancher is her only hope…

Introducing Colton 911

When Magnolia “Maggie” Reeves receives a puzzling map from her former father-in-law, she can’t resist searching for clues—even in a hurricane! Fortunately, search-and-rescue cowboy Jonah Colton is there to save the day. But when the duo finds a mummified body, they’re plunged straight into an abyss of danger. And even as they stumble headlong into a dazzling attraction, they’re also fighting for their lives.

Cowboy’s Rescue is the 1st title in the multi-author series Colton 911.  For a listing, and links to reviews done here at Keeper Bookshelf please check out our Colton 911 page.

Title:  Cowboy’s Rescue
Series:  Colton 911 #1
Author:  Marie Ferrarella
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Published:  July 1, 2019
Publisher:  Harlequin
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Maggie might be over her now ex-husband like last week’s leftovers but for some reason her former father-in-law saw fit, after his death, to have a “treasure’ map delivered to her.  Born with a curiosity that any cat would envy, Maggie sets out to discover just what is hidden around an old tree.  The fact that she decided to do this just as Hurricane Brooke is bearing down on this small town is beside the point.  She wants answers now, she just didn’t expect to have to be rescued – or have her life changed.

COWBOY’S RESCUE sets up the new series with an intense, sexy, dangerous and definitely a need to flip the pages feeling as we are brought into Jonah’s and Maggie’s adventures.  The world builds consistently just like the hurricane that’s bearing down on Maggie and Jonah.  There has to be some world building, but everything presented was simply part of the overall story and felt quite natural to me.  Jonah is probably one of my favorite heroes from the Coltons.  He’s solid.  Sexy, yes, sure.  But he simply puts off that feeling of being able to handle whatever life or other people toss at him with confidence, even in the worst of situations.  Loved Maggie and her curiosity.  She has a vulnerable side due to what happens, but she also shakes it off and goes about life without stopping.  I liked them separately, simply loved them together.

I’d love to talk about COWBOY’S RESCUE, but that would have to involve spoilers and you really need to check this one out for yourself, firsthand.  I was captured from the first chapter and the need to find out what comes next never left me until the ending.  If you love a good Romantic Suspense with a touch of Modern Western Romance then you’ll love the beginning of the Colton 911 series.  I will say though, that this story sets up what is to come with tantalizing hints and even more questions that I need answers to – I believe you will, too.

I can’t help it.  Every single time I see a new Harlequin title with “Colton” in the title or series name somewhere (doesn’t matter what branch of the Coltons it is) I’m gonna one click it.  It’s just that simple.  While I may not have officially reviewed every single one of those Colton stories, I have read and loved each one — and the beginning of the Colton 911 series is no different in that reaction for me.  I loved it and cannot wait for more.  (there is an advantage to buying later and binge reading, but I don’t think I can wait this time around)

I own a Kindle Edition of COWBOY’S RESCUE.

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