Daisy’s Summer Mission by Hannah Pearl

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Daisy’s job as a gift shop owner may involve selling chocolate truffles and lacy knickers but, this summer, she finds herself turning her hand to a slightly different profession …

Daisy’s boyfriend, Eli, works for a secret government agency and, try as she might, Daisy can’t seem to help getting caught in the middle of his missions, which take her on a thrilling ride from the streets of Paris to a remote health retreat where carbs are banned!

But when she finds that Eli might be in danger, Daisy has to stop playing at being a spy and become the real thing. Teaming up with her pensioner customer, Mr. King, Daisy embarks on her most important summer mission yet. Can she save the day?

Connecting titles – Daisy’s Christmas Gift ShopDaisy’s Summer Mission

Title:  Daisy’s Summer Mission
Series:  a sequel to Daisy’s Christmas Gift Shop
Author:  Hannah Pearl
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  May 19, 2020
Publisher:  Choc Lit/Ruby Fiction
My Rating:  4.5 stars

I’m a bit late on this review (yes, I do own up to it when I take a misstep, embarrassing as that is)… yet, ‘Daisy’s Summer Mission‘ was exactly what I needed this past weekend.  The chance to get caught up with known characters, a bit of intrigue, lots of laughter or quiet smiles, and a story that kept me flipping pages on my Kindle from start to that lovely ending simply gave me that escape that I truly needed right now – and if you also need a delightful escape from life’s craziness at the moment, then you’d love this adventure.

Although this story is the sequel (or next title because I’m hoping for more) to ‘Daisy’s Christmas Gift Shop‘ you don’t necessarily have to have read the first to enjoy this current adventure – but – I would strongly recommend that you go check it out for the relationships between most of these characters will be enhanced by knowing how they came to be the group of friends, and a lovely, loving couple, that they are now.

As usual, Daisy dives right in when her friend needs help… and perhaps her boyfriend, the spy, could use a helping hand as well.  The result of that decision is a madcap journey of twists, surprises, laughter, and new adventures.  I loved the growing relationship between Daisy and Eli, they’ve come a long way and it’s fun to watch them interact.  Lily and Daisy’s friendship, their bonds are so tight and such a crazy, fun relationship to read about.  Everyone deserves at least one really close friend like these two have found in each other – I know I found mine and wouldn’t trade her for anything.

There are several little ‘bits’ that particularly made me smile, especially since Star Trek has always been a part of my life.  In all, I had a blast back with these friends once again.  A bit of soul-searching, some resolutions, lots of laughter, and downright fun.  Need that escape?  ‘Daisy’s Summer Mission‘ delivers exactly what’s needed right now… a good story, likable characters, and chuckles to lighten the mood.  I had fun, and I believe you would, too.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher, Choc Lit/Ruby Fiction. That does not change what I think of this story.  It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

Available in audio or your favorite e-reader, mine is the Kindle


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