Dance Upon The Air by Nora Roberts

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Dance Upon The Air

The madness let loose on Salem Town was growing.  The death toll rising each day, and yet not one of the innocents murdered was what their pious accusers sought, not one was a witch.   It was with heavy hearts that the women known as Air, Earth and Fire cast their last spell on the mainland.  This night an island would be magically born, to rise up from the coast and spin itself into new life beyond the reach of the mad men, and crazed accusers.  This night the three would cast their circle, and create their own sanctuary where they could live free from fear following their beliefs and harm none.  Still, evil has many forms…


So begins Three Sisters Island Trilogy, my favorite Nora Roberts trilogy to date.  One that I re-read often, for I can identify with each of the main women characters so easily.

Nell Channing is on the run both away from the past and toward…here.  This island rising in the waters off the Massachusetts coast is sanctuary, freedom and a powerful sense of home.  Three Sisters Lighthouse, up there on the cliffs, had drawn her as no other painting ever had.  She had to see this place with her own eyes, and seeing she simply knew.  On this tiny scrap of land, far away from the life that died on another cliff, she could make her stand, create her own life anew.  She could stop running.

Dance Upon The Air introduces all of the characters within this trilogy.  Each character in the modern day story is somewhat represented by their counterpart in the legend of the creation of Three Sisters Island.  Three women and one man are modern day witches.  One who firmly believes that the legend is true and will come to pass unless the three come together once again to fight the ultimate evil that threatens both the life of the island and each individual witch as well.  One who once embraced her power and then by her own choice set it aside and now scoffs at anything relating to legend or hocus pocus.  One who doesn’t know she has power, and with innocent delight slowly learns and grows into the quietly powerful woman she was meant to be.  And one who left, walked away to save themselves from what destiny seemed to push them towards only to find that home truly is both a destination and a destiny fulfilled.

I strongly recommend this trilogy.  It builds book by book to a stunning conclusion.  Along the way, the characters come to life.  I enjoyed the way that although each book had it’s main “sister” and her own story, it also included every other character as they all went through this life experience together.  It truly is a great read, and I hope you’ll pick it up and discover the magic for yourself.

Dance Upon The Air  is available at Amazon and on Kindle.