Dear Mr. Kincaid by Kit Morgan

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Owen Kincaid wanted a wife. Unfortunately, he didn’t expect one to arrive the same day he told his parents he did.

Jennie Beauregard was a widow on the run. Not that she had to run fast. How fast can a ninety-something railroad tycoon go?

But it wasn’t the man her brother wanted to marry her off to this time that she had to worry about, but her brother himself. After all, he could pursue her at a fast pace.

With another unwanted arranged marriage staring her in the face, there was only one thing to do! Get married to someone else! But to do that, Jennie needed a matchmaker. Imagine her surprise when she wound up with two!

But despite the help, she wasn’t prepared to marry someone so different from the men her brother chose. Nor was she ready to have a whole new family. Unfortunately, some of them weren’t ready for her either. How was love ever going to blossom?

Titles in the Mail-Order Bride Ink series include – Dear Mr. Weaver – Dear Mr. Turner – Dear Mr. Comfort – Dear Mr. Vander – Dear Mr. White – Dear Mr. Miller – Dear Mr. Comforts – Dear Miss Cucinotta – Dear Mr. Kincaid

This series has a connection to other series by Ms. Morgan.  For a listing of series and how they may connect please visit the Kit Morgan page.

Title:  Dear Mr. Kincaid
Series:  Mail-Order Ink #9
Author:  Kit Morgan
Published:  May 31, 2019
My Rating:  4 stars

I happen to love long series or series that spin-off an original but keep the family or the small town growing over the years.  In DEAR MR. KINCAID we’ll meet Owen Kincaid who is the oldest of the three sons of Logan and Susara Kincaid (His Prairie Sweetheart from the Prairie Brides series).  Owen is all grown up now, at least to his mind and ready to take a wife, build a cabin and make his mark in the world.  That he didn’t mention this fact until shortly before he was informed that his mail-order bride had arrived in Clear Creek takes everyone by surprise – especially Owen.  He’d had no idea she was on the way to him, and now all those thoughts about marriage and being a grown man flood in with a little trepidation.  What has he done?

I loved returning to Clear Creek and meeting up with so many book friends from over the years and the many series they’ve been a part of.  Now another generation is putting down roots and it’s fun to see the toddlers I once read of becoming all grown up and ready for love and marriage.

Jennie and Owen were a sweet couple, totally innocent and questioning this marriage but for Jennie it was necessary and for Owen, it was his step into adulthood.  It’s a sudden change for the Kincaid family and not everyone is taking the change well.  Add some hesitation on Jennie and Owen’s parts on how to live with his parents as their cabin is being finished and you have a fun, walk on eggshells at times, put up with shenanigans at other times beginning to this marriage.  Add a touch of danger and this is a story that will grab your attention and keep you turning pages.  I had fun with it, and that’s the whole point of reading Romance.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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