Escape to the Art Café by Sue McDonagh

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Heartbreak and cake at the Art Café …

It was meant to be the perfect romantic holiday. But then Flora Bexton’s boyfriend does the unthinkable, and she responds in the only logical way: she steals his motorbike and escapes for a holiday by herself on the Welsh coast.

Far from the lonely trip she imagined, Flora soon finds comfort at the friendly local Art Café where the legendary hot chocolate and cake help to ease her troubled mind.

And when Aussie-Welsh lifeguard Jake Foley steps in just when Flora needs help the most, she realizes that her ‘holiday’ feels more like home with every passing day.

Titles in the Art Café series of connecting stories include – Summer at the Art Café – Meet Me at the Art CaféEscape to the Art Café

Title:  Escape to the Art Café
Series:  Art Café #3
Author:  Sue McDonagh
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  June 30, 2020
Publisher:  Choc Lit
My Rating:  4.5 stars

I always love returning to the Art Café books, and ‘Escape to the Art Café‘ was certainly no exception to that steadfast reaction of mine whenever a new adventure is set to start.  This time Flora will find herself on a holiday all on her own and questioning her choices and decisions regarding men and life in general.  She has no clue that while another man is about to enter her life, this time will be so different, and so much more than she could have ever expected.

Sometimes “home” finds us when we least expect it.  That thought kept running through my mind as Flora and Jake found each other and the pieces of their lives separately and together began to fall into place.  How does a near-disastrous surfing accident lead to a much happier future?  When the person rescuing you is the one you’ve been searching for without even realizing it.  Flora’s discovery of her jerk of a boyfriend’s (now ex-boyfriend’s) cheating, and her taking off on his lovely, expensive bike to head to her mother’s holiday cottage to escape all that’s happening in her life right now might have been impulsive, but it certainly was the right thing to do for so many reasons – but most importantly that it brought her to the Art Café and to Jake.

I had such fun with ‘Escape to the Art Café‘.  Jake and Flora each have secrets, each has a few trust issues right now, but the attraction and chemistry between them are strong and not to be ignored.  I adored watching their adventure of falling in love and working out the other parts of their lives as well.  We’ll meet up briefly with old book friends, experience the magic of cake and hot chocolate once more, and simply have a delightful time back in the ‘Art Café‘ world once again.  If you haven’t yet read the previous stories don’t worry about diving into Jake and Flora’s romance.  While there are some central to all stories things (like the location), there is no definitive thread woven throughout the series that needs to be closely followed.  Simply excellent romances, with engaging people, and issues that need to be faced to pave the way for that happily ever after ending.  Although, I’m betting that you’d go back for the earlier stories once you finish this one.  I loved being back in this world so indulge yourself and enjoy the falling in love adventure of two very likable people who deserve happiness.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher, Choc Lit/Ruby Fiction. That does not change what I think of this story.  It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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