Face the Fire by Nora Roberts

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Face the Fire

Mia Devlin had always known that she would one day face the evil that threatened her island, her life and all that she loved.  Nell had found her courage and made her stand, Ripley had discovered that justice could be dealt without loss of control.  Now it was up to her.

After staying away for a decade, Sam Logan stepped off the ferry onto Three Sisters Island.  Not that much had changed, it was still the charming New England town that visitors flocked to in summer or to experience the wonder of the fall color changes.  Yet everything had changed.  He returned not as a boy struggling to discover his place in the world, but as a man who knew exactly what he wanted and intended to get it.  The Magick Inn was now his.  It had been a challenge to outwit his father and finally purchase his birthright, but it had been done.

He had come back for Mia.   Perhaps renting the little yellow cottage under one of his many businesses wasn’t the best way to handle his return to her.  Still knowing Mia’s stubbornness she wouldn’t have rented it to him at all.  And he needed the cottage, he wouldn’t live where he worked even if Magick Inn did provide the best hotel rooms on the island.

So, he was back on the island they both loved.  He would simply announce himself, pick up where they left off years ago and break the island curse.   Done deal, shouldn’t take more than a week to set things right again.

Trouble was.. Once Sam knew Mia’s every thought, knew exactly how she felt about him…now he didn’t know her at all.

Sam Logan’s homecoming wasn’t all that he had expected.  Instead of the opened arms, welcome home great to see you – he got, perhaps what he deserved.  At least from their viewpoint.  Ripley tried to deck him the moment she set eyes on him, only the fast actions of her brother Zack had saved him from a broken nose or worse.  Zack’s new wife, Nell, seemed to be a sunny and friendly kind of woman until she realized just who he was.  Then the little kitten showed she had claws, and if words could rake down a face, his would be a bloody mess right now.  Lulu, well she had always guarded Mia.  She had watched over and practically raised Mia since her rich, selfish parents would rather travel the world than be stuck on the island to tend to their child.  Lulu was the dragon at the gate, despite her tiny size and Sam found that the dragon could still with great delight cut him down to size for daring to come near her charge again.  Mac wasn’t bad, he after all had bought the old Logan place and was willing to accept that Sam had some necessary part in the legend.  Not exactly the way that Sam believed but still he didn’t harm him upon first sight like his wife Ripley had attempted.

Then there was Mia… this Mia was not the girl he had left behind.  The girl had charmed him, had loved him with a sureness that had in some ways smothered him. The girl had known their entire life and had mapped it out in ways he was not yet ready for then.  In some part of his male mind he had believed that all he had to do to win her back was just show up and she’d be in his arms in a flash.  He was wrong.

This Mia was a strong, self-assured woman.  One who knew what she wanted and achieved it.  This Mia had power, and she wasn’t above using it.  With an amused smile, and ice in her eyes she greeted him as he boldly walked into Cafe Book.  This Mia wasn’t an attractive fledgling, wasn’t the girl who had handed her heart to him on a silver platter.  This Mia was a stunningly beautiful woman, secure in her self, in her knowledge and her power.  This Mia was one awesome witch.

Face The Fire concludes the Three Sisters Island Trilogy.  And it certainly does it well.

The dark evil is at it’s strongest and the moment to strike is upon our witches and their loved ones.  Mia must make her choice to love Sam without boundaries or to simply let him go without malice.  Sam must get past the hurt he has caused, and let the woman he loves understand that he isn’t running away again.

The dark evil will be faced.  The outcome…well, for that and all of the wonderfully written storyline in-between you’ll just have to read the books.  Yet I don’t think you’ll be at all disappointed.

Mia has been there throughout all the books, a powerful character in a secondary role.  Here she shines and we see her power, and her sense of standing alone as well.

I completely recommend this entire trilogy.  I enjoyed it tremendously and often return to read them once again.

Face the Fire  is still available at Amazon and on Kindle


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