Forbidden by Elle Thorne

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ForbiddenTitle:  Forbidden
Series:  Never After Dark #1
Author:  Elle Thorne
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Published:  July 5, 2015
Publisher:  Barbed Borders Press
My Rating:  5 stars
Source:  NetGalley
Cover Description:

Jaclyn “Jax” Vasquez has a problem. Her parents are in town for a surprise visit. If they see her boyfriend, Scotty, the proverbial $h*t will hit the fan!

She needs help and chooses the first–and only–option, the indigo-eyed stranger in the corner.

What could possibly make this worse? He’s a white tiger shifter, and she’s got a secret.
Sparks and fur fly!

Read on for my thoughts on Forbidden.  No true spoilers, promise.

Forbidden is the first story in the series Never After Dark – another spinoff series from Elle Thorne’s popular Shifters Forever series.  I will be honest and say that I’m coming into this original series late.  With the thousands of novels and new to me authors that I want to read ‘out there’ it’s impossible to find all of those that I would love to follow all of their work.  With one sexy, steamy, intriguing and entertaining story I have found another writer of amazing shifter tales that I need to know more about.

Rafe Tiero is currently in a rough situation – picking up Vax and Callie.  Rafe was convinced that he had lost the woman of his dreams to Vax, that she and Vax were mated, happy and expecting their first child was a reality, one he was struggling to accept.  But accept it he must.  After dropping the couple off at the family villa, Rafe sets out for some time alone never realizing that he was about to run into his true mate – or that he would finally fully understand the bond that held Vax and Callie together.

Jax was stunning, a barista with a loser boyfriend.  And trouble in paradise in the form of a visit from the parents that didn’t approve of the loser.  In desperation Jax begs the handsome stranger who has been watching her for help.  Why she decided he was safe enough to approach with such a request is beyond her panicked mind.  His eyes remind her of her constant dream, he seems right to trust for whatever unknown instinct that is in place.

Rafe and Jax are attracted to each other on levels that Jax doesn’t understand, but Rafe does.  His tiger is making his voice very clear about what he wants done with this woman.  Hot, steamy and sensuous are probably the best way to describe these two together.

I don’t intend to give away more.  You need to experience the fiery attraction and resolution of Jax and Rafe’s romance for yourself.  All I can hint at is – turn up the air conditioner.  *wink*

Forbidden is a hot and steamy fast read, a completely enjoyable and addictive read.  I would not hesitate to highly recommend this novella to any reader who loves paranormal romance – especially shifters.  Since this series is a spinoff, I am heading back to Amazon to start at the very beginning… I enjoyed it that much.  And I think that is telling.  When one story can touch me enough to spark my imagination and want to know the whole story, then I’ve made an amazing discovery.  If you’ve followed Ms Thorne’s work then you know you’re in for a treat with Forbidden – if this is the first time you’ve thought about reading her work, then you are in for a wonderful experience and I hope you enjoy Forbidden as much as I did.

*I received an e-ARC of Forbidden from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. That does not change what I think of this novel.*

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