Gibson by Mia Malone

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“You go hit up grandma Myrtle if you want, but the rest of us are leaving.” 

Charlene’s world starts changing one night when she overhears two men talking about her, and the changes keep coming hard and fast. After leaving her cheating husband, Charlene goes on a journey that takes her to Wilhelmine, a small town in the mountains where she decides to settle for a while. As she’s celebrating this decision with her new friend Jenny, Gibson walks in with blood running down his face. 

Gibson Ward moved back to his hometown after years as a cop in Chicago, and he likes his life. He works when he wants to, dates who he wants to, and with his four childhood friends, he also protects the county they live in. Then he walks into his friend Joke’s bar Oak, takes one look at a small, blonde woman, and everything changes. 

Charlene is not at all interested in getting involved with anyone, and definitely not with the man who called her a mousy grandma, but Gibson is not willing to give up, not even when bad things start to happen which threaten both of their lives.

Titles in The Brothers series include — Gibson – Padraig – Joke – Day – Mac

This title is an adult, 18+ story that may have strong language, violence and sexual situations that are geared toward an adult audience.

Title:  Gibson
Series:  The Brothers #1
Author:  Mia Malone
Genre:  Seasoned Romance
Published:  April 2, 2018
My Rating:  4 stars

Charlene’s life is changing in so many ways.  She’s recently divorced, her cheating husband now has his new side piece in her former place and she is free to be or do whatever she damn well pleases now.  One of the first things was moving to a small town, doing yoga on her back porch, walking the beautiful area around her new home and slowly, without intending to, changing not only her outlook on life but her look as well.  She’s no longer the woman some rude, random stranger made a degrading comment about.  She’d like to convince herself that she never thinks of that moment, but she’d be lying to herself.  The thing is, fate can be a fickle lady and who would have thought that by moving to this tiny mountain town she’d be putting herself right in the path of that jerk.  Or that she’d discover friendships to cherish for a lifetime.  She never thought a stranger would change her life – but she’s never encountered a man quite like Gibson.  And with a new outlook, a new nickname and a community to be part of, Lee is about to discover that love knows no limits when you open yourself up to the possibilities right in front of you.

GIBSON is a story that took me by surprise.  I’d heard the chatter about the book, so let’s get the “elephant in the room” out of the way first.  There are a lot of writers out there.  I have my favorites, and yes, sometimes there are stories that are similar to another favorite author of mine’s style – that doesn’t take away an author’s talent.  And as to “that scene”.  Pffft.  If you haven’t read a Romance with a touch of erotica or a bit of kink here and there maybe it might have bothered you.  In my opinion, it was a scene that was true to the characters – and if a reader didn’t like it they could have flipped past that scene and enjoyed the rest of the book.  *steps down off of my soapbox*

Let’s be quite frank and clear, there is a lot of sex in GIBSON.  A lot.  And… by a couple over 50!  I absolutely freakin’ loved that aspect of this story.  Love and sex do not stop at some magical cutoff age.  Lee and Gib are a sensuous, steamy couple and both are perfectly fine with anything they do – my thoughts, go for it and enjoy yourself – age is a number and a mindset.

There is danger in this story, a danger that builds slowly and comes to an emotional climax that took my breath away.  Lee is a strong woman, stronger than she realized yet I could see her becoming even stronger as her time with Gib continued, as she saw herself through the eyes of friends who have become family.  It was a fascinating thing to see developing.  I fell in love with Gib, he’s been through the fire and beyond, he’s true to himself and his loyalty is felt through his friendships and his growing love for Lee.  There were scenes in GIBSON that made me smile, flip pages to find out what happens next, and throughout gave me a sense of the bond that these five men share.

This review has gone on longer than I’d intended.  Apparently, I had more strong thoughts about this one than I originally believed.  I enjoyed this first glimpse into this world, loved the characters and need to know more about them and what happens to them all next.  I’ll be picking up the rest of this series and look forward to more adventures with them all.  If you’ve heard the chatter all I can say is read it for yourself and make up your own mind.

I own a Kindle edition of Gibson.

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