Harlequin Addiction

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I freely admit that I’m addicted to Romance stories.  And that love of “love stories” began long, long ago – so I’ve been reading Harlequin™ for my entire adult reading life.  For years I would pick up my books at the local bookstore and devour them all within a week.  Now.  Well, not only does Harlequin™ have more “designated genre lines” than ever before, but my time isn’t as free as it once was to stop everything in life and escape into another world.

In recent years, since starting the Keeper Bookshelf romance review blog, much of my time has been spent on ARC reading.  And since my blog isn’t big enough for Harlequin™ to approve ARCs from NetGalley for me (and I get that, I truly do – wish things were different but business is business) much of the time I once devoted to Harlequin has been spread a bit thinner.  Oh, I still buy my Harlequins™ every single month, it’s finding the time for pure pleasure reading not committed to an ARC reading that has become the problem.

In February of 2020, I decided to change that for I’m so tired of missing out on stories that I know I’d love if I could just get to them.  So, I’ve pared back on the ARC requests and I’m committed to getting those unread Harlequin™ stories off of my Kindle, into my heart and brain, and reviewed on KB.  Simple plan – now to put it into action. — **Now if only they’d stop giving me even more books every month to need on that growing list I might actually get them all read this century** Just kidding… maybe.  🙂

*going forward beyond 2020*  As a way to help purely myself in keeping track of these titles, I’ve created different “release year” pages.  My intention is to keep current first of all, but those other books deserve their time as well.  And I prefer to read a series, mini-series, or even a line if possible in order… well, I need to know the order so that is where those additional pages will come in handy.  This Is For My Benefit – let’s be clear.  If these pages are of interest, a bit of help in deciding to pick up some older releases… that’s freakin’ awesome.  But really, I’m doing this backstage planning to help me keep some control over this chaos.

You’ll find a link below to each Harlequin™ Addiction – Year


Harlequin™ Addiction – 2020

(To be clear – that logo above is, of course, Harlequin’s™ logo which belongs to them – displayed here as a reader’s appreciation of their Romances)