Haven by Kay Hooper

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Jessie Rayburn escaped from her home town of Baron Hollow, NC and never expected to return.

She knew that something really bad had happened to her when she left as a teenager.  But she could not totally recall the events, only bits and pieces.

As a psychic investigator, Jessie has shields (walls) that keep her sane.  Without those shields in place she could not do the work that is required of her at Haven.  Some of those needed abilities are being blocked by her inability to remember the past.  Jessie is determined to find answers.  Now she needs to move past those shields and find out what really happened to her that night in Baron Hollow.

Unknown to Jessie is that her sister Emma is having nightmares as well.  Only Emma’s nightmares are about horrific killings near home… nightmares of missing women’s experiences, and those women end up dead.

Are they dreams?  Or something more?


My Thoughts on “Haven”

Haven was an enjoyable read.  Although the main story focuses on Jessie, we do meet up with another Haven operative, a few of Bishop’s FBI’s Special Crimes Unit members and as always, long distance conversations with Noah Bishop.

It was fun to run into some old “friends” from past novels again.

The pace of the novel was slower in some places and speed up in others – yet the pace gave me a sense of the importance of the scene I was reading.  My only regret is that the ending is always fast paced and to me, always wrapped up too quickly.

There is very little romance in this addition to the Bishop/SCU/Haven group of novels.  Although there is an awareness of an attraction between two characters, it is not the focal point of the story.  We are aware of the feelings beginning to affect Emma and Nathan but the romance, should it develop further is in it’s very early stages.

The focus is what horrific event has Jessie experienced in Baron Hollow and are those crimes still going on today.

In this story the clues are scattered about like the petals of roses.  Putting the petals back together is the interesting part.

I think you’ll enjoy this one.  Although there were hints throughout the book, I admit to being a bit surprised at the end.

If this is the beginning book in one of Kay Hooper’s trilogies, it was a great way to start it off.  Time will tell on that one, but there are some loose ends (to me) that shout a continuing story in the works.