Heart of the Texas Doctor by Eve Gaddy

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Opposites attract… 

Graham McBride is a cardiothoracic surgeon and the eldest of the McBride siblings. Dedicated, hardworking, traditional, and oh, yeah, hot. But Graham married young and divorced, and is now convinced no woman will tolerate his dedication to his career. When he meets Bella Benson at a party he’s immediately attracted to her, probably because she’s totally different from any woman he’s ever dated. 

…but can they stay together? 

Bella owns one of the local hair salons. She’s young, hardworking, successful and unconventional. And to Graham, there’s no denying that, from the tips of her rainbow-colored hair to the soles of her fancy turquoise cowboy boots, Bella Benson is smokin’. 

Bella is no more interested in getting serious than Graham. After all, other than a sizzling physical attraction, they don’t have a lot in common. But oh, that sizzle! Irresistible right? So they jump into the fire, both confident they can keep their emotions in check. Love and passion rarely stick with a plan, and while Graham has expertise in repairing hearts, he is disastrously clueless figuring out his own. Can he prove to Bella that he’s worth the risk?

Titles in the Heart of Texas series include — Heart of the Texas Doctor

Title:  Heart of the Texas Doctor
Series:  Heart of Texas #1
Author:  Eve Gaddy
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  April 11, 2019
Publisher:  Tule Publishing
My Rating:  4.5 stars

I love starting a new series, the world I’m diving into is new, the characters fresh and the adventures are unknown.  HEART OF THE TEXAS DOCTOR is the first story in the Heart of Texas series – and, frankly, I’ll read anything by Eve Gaddy (including grocery lists) for I love her style of storytelling, her characters are real and relatable and the events in her worlds could be taking place in the next small town over from mine.

Graham and Bella make quite an interesting couple.  One relationship-weary doctor who truly believes that no woman can love him and still deal with his devotion to his patients.  That’s been proven to him by his ex-wife’s actions, so, of course, every other woman on the planet must feel the same way.  I love a clueless hero, they’re such fun to shake my head at and watch them discover the error of their ways… and does Graham ever make some errors with Bella.

Bella may be younger than Graham in years, yet in attitude, dedication to her craft, a willingness to step up and do what is necessary to make her dreams come true often make her seem at the least his age or even a bit older.  She’s wise beyond her years, yet she still believes in the magic of love… someday, just not yet.

Graham and Bella may have been pushed together by the town matchmaker but the sizzle between them is very real.  They believe they can have it all, the no strings relationship, the chemistry that sets them on fire and the friendship that each craves… just not that forever ever after stuff, that’s too much to believe in or deal with.  Right up to the moment when they began to fall and did they ever fall spectacularly.  Remember that “I love a clueless hero” that I mentioned?  Graham.  Yep, he will fight this feeling, make huge mistakes and come crawling back in a most romantic and smile-inducing way.  I enjoy seeing that “aha” moment for characters, the one where they finally get it and realize just how badly they messed up.  Watching Bella and Graham work their way through to their happy ending was pure joy and an experience that I’d highly recommend.

HEART OF THE TEXAS DOCTOR introduces some amazing secondary characters, some will have their stories told one day I’m sure, others will be dropping in again always as the background characters that make a fictional town come alive.  It’s the small touches that will have me believing in location, characters, and situations.  This story has all of that and more, I loved my time in this world and will definitely be back for more.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story.  It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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