Heaven and Earth by Nora Roberts

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Heaven and Earth

Earth raged, her anger and grief erupting from her soul.  Her sister had been killed.  Killed by her abusive husband and now Earth only sought what she saw as justice.  A life for a life.  Air had not fought back, she had not used her powers to save her life, but Earth could and would avenge her death.  The pleas of her sister Fire were an annoyance.  Yes, she knew the creed, she knew that harm none was more than simple words but a way of life for them.  A past way of life, for there was power surging towards Earth, power most satisfying and intoxicating and she wanted more..she wanted his death more than she wanted her own life.  She reached willingly for the power tempting her, deaf to the words of her sister, immune to the rational thoughts she was so known for.  Now only revenge would satisfy, and once fed she would lose more then a sister…


Deputy Ripley Todd was as down to earth as it was possible to get.  She believed firmly in justice and fairness.  All of this magic mumbo jumbo that Mia Devlin nagged her about was just that…hocus pocus.  No one really believed that three witches had created this island or that according to legend the island would be destroyed if the descendants of the original three sisters did not bind together to save it.

It was great for the tourist trade that the island residents depended upon.  The summer people made it possible to survive through the harsh New England winters.  Save the magical for them, Ripley wanted no further part of it.

Yes, she had stood with Nell and Mia – but that was a one time need, not to be repeated ever again.  Nell was safe and that was all that mattered.  Add magic and hocus pocus to all the news reports and rumors about happened that night when Nell’s abusive, now former husband showed up was bad enough.  To add further insult was the fact that Mia had allowed some super geek ghost hunter or some such nonsense to rent out the cottage that Ripley had her eye on – that just made her day, and gave Mia far too much satisfaction for Ripley’s comfort.

MacAllister Booke or simply “Mac” was the ultimate example of an absent-minded professor.  Most days he barely survived impaling himself on one of his vast number of gadgets and computer parts scattered about.  What he lacked in co-ordination he more than made up for in looks, talent and debunking the shams and charlatan out there that preyed on those that searched for knowledge.  It was true that he disproved more often than he proved, but when he did find the genuine otherworldly event people took notice.

He had heard the stories, had read the police reports of that night when an abusive husband tracked down his runaway wife.  Determined that he would never loose his Helen, Remington would see his wife dead before he would let her go.  Thankfully Nell Channing, no it was Nell Todd now, survived as did her now husband Zack Todd.  Yet enough speculation in addition to Evan Remington’s mad ravings about witches and things crawling beneath his skin had come to light to spark Mac’s interest.  Besides, Mac brought something to the island aside from his knowledge of the paranormal, he had a bargaining chip about the legend should Mia Devlin decide to not be interviewed.

Unfortunately for Mac..he didn’t bargain on Ripley.

Ripley believed in three things.  In her own ability to serve, protect and defend this island and it’s people.  In her brother’s strength and quiet determination as Sheriff of Three Sisters Island to do the same and more.  And in her new sister-in-law’s heaven sent ability to cook the most sinful creations, in spite of  the fact that Nell Channing Todd actually believed Mia’s nonsense about the legend.  Of course, Nell was just coming to realize her powers.  Ripley had set aside those powers as all reasonable adults set aside childish things eventually.  It was totally beside the point that she had joined hands with Mia and Nell in fighting and defeating Even Remington’s mad attempt on Nell’s life.  He was safely in a padded cell now, and Zack was recovering nicely from the knife wounds that should have ended his life.  The events of that night were simply a one shot deal.  No, it was time to put away that nonsense once again.  Witches and legends and magically created islands had no part in her life anymore.

…trouble was, the dreams, the visions Mia would call them kept coming again and this time she didn’t have the strength to keep the lid on that boiling pot.  This time she wasn’t as in control as she claimed.

Ripley has one weakness.  And Mac discovered it quite soon after their first meeting, a meeting where Ripley did some intense insulting of Mac’s chosen profession..no offense intended of course.  Ripley can’t back away from a challenge, she can no sooner turn down a dare than willingly stop breathing.  Proving that there is intelligence behind his absent minded surface, Mac set out the dare and unfortunately for Ripley the deck was stacked against her.

Nell and Zack.  Ripley and Mac.  I liked the way their romances played out, and in some ways continue to deepen in the final book.  This trilogy has more than just the main characters sharing the spotlight.  The way the legend, the side characters and each book’s main love interests are weaved throughout, each reads like and feels like an extension of the one before.  We don’t really know all of Mia Devlin’s story, yet she is just as much a part of this entire trilogy from the start of book one, through book two and then leading star of her own book three.

Mac and Ripley’s story is funny, intense with a bit of an edge and charming.  The ultimate evil rears it’s ugly head once again, this time fighting from a distance yet  no less intensely.  While Ripley feels she must fight the battle alone, Mac and the others are there with her every step of the way.

This is a really great read and I highly recommend it.  But to get the whole story you’ll need to discover Mia’s story.

Heaven and Earth is available from Amazon and on Kindle


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