It’s Only Rock and Roll by Bernie Stevens

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Is the rock and roll lifestyle all it’s cracked up to be?

Being the girlfriend of a rock star isn’t all glitz and glamour – at least that’s what Izzy Grant has found since she started dating Seth Roberts of Scarlet Gryphon fame; it’s actually a lot of waiting and wondering and worrying as Seth travels the world whilst she’s stuck in London. Can she ever rely on Mr. Cool to settle down?

But rock gods get insecure too, and whilst Seth is jetting off to far-flung locations to perform sold-out shows, he worries that Izzy will find a “Joe Normal” and opt for a more ordinary life. Plus, he could do with some support when a certain entitled rock star girlfriend gets too big for her Jimmy Choos and threatens to break up the band.

There is a solution, but are either of them willing to take the plunge?

Connected to Izzy’s Christmas Star (you’ll want to read this one, too)

Title:  It’s Only Rock and Roll
Series:  connection to Izzy’s Christmas Star
Author:  Berni Stevens
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  March 22, 2022
Publisher:  ChocLit Publishing
My Rating:  4.5 stars

I am so glad we get to step into Seth’s world in this connecting story to Izzy’s Christmas Star when Izzy first met a sweet Santa never realizing that he was a famous musician.  If you haven’t read that one, then please check it out.

It’s Only Rock and Roll gives us a glimpse (fictionally) into the world of a rock star and their band… and how difficult it can be to be separated from the one you love while the band is on tour.  And all those questions and rumors start cropping up both in your head and in the tabloids!

Thanks to the new girlfriend of a band member’s actions and bids for attention and instant gratification, Izzy is questioning her relationship with Seth’s band members.  Does she spend too much with Seth around the band?  Do they think she’s not supporting them when she stays home while Seth and the gang go on tour?  Can she stand firm in her trust in Seth’s faithfulness in spite of tabloids, and intense fans trying to lead her to think otherwise?  Too many questions, and not enough certainty keep running through Izzy’s head… and unknown to her, through Seth’s head as well.

I loved seeing both sides of the relationship between Izzy and Seth.  They both know how they feel, they both have insecurities about their relationship, and neither wants the risk of being the first to say anything that will take them beyond this moment in case those feelings and hopes aren’t returned.

It’s Only Rock and Roll is a delightfully charming story full of laughter, tears, and emotions that I’ve come to expect from Berni Stevens.  I had an absolute blast here, and even if you don’t love rock ‘n roll… I definitely recommend it for the love shown here is the kind that lifetimes together are built on.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

Available in print, audio, or ebook formats



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