Kiss of the Fallen by Kharma Kelley

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Tristan Castilion, a celebrated Commander of the Vampire Royal Guard, just wanted to be left alone. He wanted nothing to do with the war brewing among all the supernaturals and had grown tired of fighting all these centuries. All of them were screwed up anyway; but who was he to judge who drinks blood and who eats souls?  

Sucked into one last mission from his vampire government, Tristan soon finds himself in the middle of a dark conspiracy within the vampire ranks and a half-naked demon chained to his bed. 

And not just any old demon… 
Zoe is a Black Blood Slayer—legendary demons bred to do one thing: kill vampires. A true ruler of the night, she’s forced to keep her lethal wiles at bay in order to uncover the truth, creating an unlikely partnership with Tristan. 

Her blood is spiked with a desire he longs to tame, but if he does, he could be six-feet under; this time forever. But with both of them on the run and all hell breaking loose, how can he be sure she wants him to love or to destroy?

Title:  Kiss of the Fallen
Author:  Kharma Kelley
Genre:  Urban Fantasy 00 Paranormal Romance
Published:  September 18, 2018
Publisher:  BooksGoSocial
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Kiss of the Fallen will draw you into another world so diverse, intense and, in an odd manner, beautiful that you will be held hostage from first page until the very satisfying ending.  The world that Ms. Kelley has created is one I wouldn’t mind visiting quite a few more times.  There are twists to this story that you will not see heading your way, there are sudden turns that, at first, may throw you off track of the thread you’re following.  Full of fast paced action, and a surprisingly tender love story (I say surprisingly because Tristan and Zoe should definitely not have worked because of their natural tendencies) and you will be slowly drawn in to the underside of a world of politics, betrayals, with no real, clear view of who exactly the enemy is… oh, you may think you know, but are you sure enough to risk your life on it?  That’s the kind of danger, intensity and enjoyment from a story that will bring  me back to the author time and time again.

If you enjoy Urban Fantasy, if you are a die-hard Paranormal Romance Vampire reader – then you’d enjoy Kiss of the Fallen.  No, I’m not going to slip up and give anything away… you need to experience this one firsthand.  Yet, you will find secondary characters that enhance the story, and maybe will want to know more about them in their own tale one day.  Politics is a nasty world whether Human or Paranormal, and you will definitely be  caught up in political intrigue here.  I would not hesitate to recommend Kiss of the Fallen, and will be searching for more stories from Kharma Kelley.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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