Last Chance Cowboys: The Rancher by Anna Schmidt

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The world is changing, and the West isn’t as wild as it used to be. Trey Porterfield welcomes a new era of law and order―and the influx of settlers coming to the Arizona territory. But not everyone is willing to see the old ways change, and as the cattlemen and the herders take sides, a full-blown range war may be inevitable. There’s only one way Trey can see to bring peace to his feuding neighbors.

Marry the enemy.

Nell Stokes is a young widow fighting just to stay alive. In Trey, she sees a chance to heal old wounds and start over. Love was never in the cards, yet as Trey and Nell fight to unite the feuding land, they’ll discover a passion neither could have expected…and a danger far greater than either has ever known.

Titles in the Where The Trail Ends series include:  Last Chance Cowboys: The Drifter – Last Chance Cowboys:  The Lawman – Last Chance Cowboy:  The Outlaw – Last Chance Cowboys:  The Rancher

Title:  Last Chance Cowboys: The Rancher
Series:  Where The Trail Ends #4
Author:  Anna Schmidt
Genre:  Western Historical Romance
Published:  March 6, 2018
Publisher:  Sourcebooks Casablanca
My Rating:  4.5 stars

It’s easy and entertaining to put a pretty and sweet spin on history, leaving out the truly ugly, hateful parts.  That is not what you’ll find in Anna Schmidt’s series Where The Trail Ends and certainly Last Chance Cowboys: The Rancher is a hard slice of reality in the American West  By the time we come to Trey Poterfield’s story the West may have been tamed a bit, but it is as dangerous as ever, if not more so now.

Trey may have been considered the dreamer in his family, but his strength, intelligence and personality truly shine in this story.  The land that he loves, the community he is part of is being torn apart by prejudice, hate and simple greed.  He refuses to stand on the side and do nothing.  He has a solution, one that may or may not be logical, but his instincts tell him that teaming up with Nell is the best solution for them both.  Did he expect to eventually fall in love with this spunky woman?  Not really, but time, circumstances and growing emotions will change that.

As I’m thinking back on Nell the phrase ‘true grit’ comes to mind.  She is faced with unimaginable hardship and loss, she stands her ground in spite of what is happening around her.  At a time when women had a place in society Nell stands out as a strong, determined woman.  She’s not without fears, but she faces those fears and still stands strong.  I really liked and admired Nell, for me she very much made this story what it is.

I read and enjoy all types of Historical Romance.  A story like Last Chance Cowboys: The Rancher really gives me a sense of being there with all the good parts, the truly ugly realities and the courage of those who stood their ground and made their lives in unimaginable (for me, now) conditions, circumstances and danger.  If you’re looking for a story with the true grit of the old West, seeing the difficulties and the rewards of those pioneers who paved the way come to life, then this story and the entire series are books you should be picking up to devour.  I loved this series, enjoyed my time in this world and was completely entertained throughout with vivid descriptions, realistic characters and a better sense of what my forefathers faced as they headed into the dangers of the West.  I would not hesitate to recommend this story to any Western Historical Romance or Historical Romance reader.  You’ll be captivated.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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