Last Kiss Of Summer by Marina Adair

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last-kiss-of-summerTitle:  Last Kiss Of Summer
Series:  Destiny Bay #1
Author:  Marina Adair
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  August 30, 2016
Publisher:  Forever (Grand Central Publishing)
My Rating:  4 stars
Source:  NetGalley
Cover Description:

He’s one bad apple she just can’t resist . . .

Kennedy Sinclair never dreamed she’d own a pie shop and an orchard in a small town like Destiny Bay. But nestled between the mountains and the Pacific Ocean, it’s the perfect place to cross something off her “Life’s short so eat the icing first” list and start her life over from scratch. Her shop, Sweetie Pies, is famous for its hot, flaky apple turnovers and sinfully delicious deep dish pie. For Kennedy though, nothing is more enticing than the tall, strapping slice of temptation who keeps coming back for more.

Luke Callahan is determined to make his hard cider business a success. With his beloved father’s cider recipe and the opportunity of a lifetime in his grasp, he’ll stop at nothing to get this deal done. There’s just one catch: he needs Kennedy’s apples. At first, he thinks it’ll be as easy as pie to charm those apples right off her trees. But Kennedy isn’t falling for his tender charms or his wicked ways. When the negotiations start heating up, so do the feelings they have for each other. And it takes just one kiss to seal the deal .

Titles in this series include:  Last Kiss Of Summer

Read on for my thoughts on Last Kiss Of Summer.  No true spoilers, promise.

Last Kiss of Summer starts off Marina Adair’s new series Destiny Bay with a delicious couple and secondary characters who will all make you want to plan your next vacation for Destiny Bay… and maybe buy some property.

Kennedy’s life certainly hasn’t been perfect.  She has a mother who is more interested in the next man on her list than she ever was in her daughter.  The man she thought would be her future was having an affair with their dance instructor.  Really?  This girl cannot get a break.  As a result of a truly dysfunctional childhood she’s turned out okay if a bit over organized and hesitant of relationships now.  Kennedy has picked herself up, taken off down the road and is determined to start over with a fresh “seize the moment” attitude.  She lands in Destiny Bay and sets up shop, her award winning pie shop with her own supply of perfect for the pie apples.  Life is good – but it’s about to change.

Luke has the perfect recipe for hard cider, his Dad’s.  Now all he needs to wow the industry are the most perfect apples that happen to hang in Kennedy’s orchard.  It was supposed to be business – but it turned into so much more.  Now Luke’s after two things Kennedy’s apples… and Kennedy.

I would move to Destiny Bay in a heartbeat.  I loved the small town atmosphere, the closeness of the people who live there (even when you don’t want them to be so close), and the overall feel of the place.  The citizens of the area (secondary characters) make this location such a fun and interesting spot to me.  Yeah, I’d roll into town and never leave.

Kennedy and Luke make a perfectly imperfect couple.  And yeah, Luke does pull the “he’s just stupid” move but I still loved him even if that was a dumb thing to do.  The banter made me smile, the setting made me wish and this couple simply made me happy for them (and me).  I am so looking forward to the next story in the Destiny Bay series.  Returning to this charming spot on the map will certainly be no hardship.

If you love small town romance, a charming setting and a really good story then you need to get started on the Destiny Bay series right from the beginning.  I would not hesitate to recommend Last Kiss Of Summer to any Romance reader.

*I received an e-ARC of Last Kiss Of Summer from the publisher, Forever (Grand Central Publishing) and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. That does not change what I think of this novel.*

Available in paperback and for the Kindle


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