Lone Star Homecoming by Justine Davis

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He’s haunted by one mistake…

Kane Highwater has been on the run for over a dozen years since he was sixteen. And every step of the way he’s carried the weight of what happened the day he left Last Stand. He’d reacted in fear and anger, and it had cost him everything.

He stirs her heart in a way she never imagined…

Lark Leclair admires the Highwater clan for many things, including how they’ve never stopped searching for their missing brother. As a former Child Protective Services worker, she understands better than most why he’d run. But when she spots Kane in a crowd at a national reining competition where her friend — his sister — is competing, it will take all of her experience, compassion, and instincts to convince him to stay.

Their attraction is immediate, but Kane is certain he can never regain his place in his legendary family. Can Lark convince him that with her by his side, it’s not too late for a fresh start?

Titles in the Texas Justice series include — The Lone Star Lawman – Lone Star Nights – A Lone Star Christmas – Lone Star ReunionLone Star Homecoming

This series is part of the Last Stand, Texas group of connecting series.  (think Marietta, Montana– Tule Publishing’s other large set of series set in a fictional town).  For a look at the other series in the Last Stand connecting series please visit our Last Stand, Texas page.

Title:  Lone Star Homecoming
Series:  Texas Justice #5
Author:  Justine Davis
Genre:  Modern Western Romance
Published:  June 11, 2020
Publisher:  Tule Publishing
My Rating:  4.5 stars

It’s always a bittersweet moment for me when any series comes to an end, especially one as enjoyable and emotion-packed as ‘Texas Justice‘.  I’ve been swept up in this world since the beginning, the only thing missing was Kane’s story – and it was so well worth the wait.  I’m sorry to see this series end, but I’ve read that there is another series set in Last Stand in our future and I’m definitely looking forward to that.  But for now… Kane and Lark’s story.

Lone Star Homecoming‘ not only concludes the series but it gives us Kane’s point of view of the events that prompted his gut instinct to run, where he’s been these long thirteen years as his family searched for him, and how, with the love of one very unique woman and his siblings Kane can begin to mend – especially as the past is far from what Kane has believed all of these years.

It’s difficult for me right now to find that fine line between saying enough and far too much about Kane and Lark’s story.  I don’t do spoilers so I’m simply going to ask you to read the Cover Description and trust that there is an amazing, emotional story within.  I loved Lark, she’s down to earth, she is exactly the person Kane needs in his life right now and in the future.  An instant attraction oftentimes feels more like a slow burn as these two get to know each other in unusual circumstances.  Kane is such a wounded soul for he’s been carrying around a heavy burden for far too long.  Understanding the actual facts, seeing that his siblings love him, and don’t hate him is a bit of a miracle for Kane that he’s having trouble believing and trusting in.  Lark may have started out as a buffer, a bridge between Kane and his family, but she quickly moves on to be a vital part of his future life.

My heart broke for Kane, it’s that simple.  Watching him heal, learn to trust again, and find everlasting love with Lark was such an emotional, touching journey.  I suppose you “could” read ‘Lone Star Homecoming‘ on its own but then you’d miss getting to know the other amazing, interesting characters who make up this world – and their stories are well worth the time and effort.  I will miss the Highwater family very much, but Last Stand, Texas is a small town, and who knows, we might meet up with old book friends one day.  I had fun with this series, this final story, and would, without hesitation, recommend the entire series to any reader who loves good, strong love stories that will touch your heart.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from Tule Publishing. That does not change what I think of this story.  It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

Available in paperback and your favorite e-reader, mine is the Kindle


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