Looking Ahead to May

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Soon now April will slide into May and where in the world have the first 4 months of 2015 gone to?  I had so much planned.  Ah, well.

There are two May specific Challenges that I’m taking part in that are coming up real soon now.

Clean sweep may  2015The May Clean Sweep ARC Challenge over at Caffeinated Book Reviewer.  Where we’ll concentrate on getting all of those ARCs of any kind read, reviewed and at least scheduled for publication.  One look at my NetGalley shelves and I know that this is going to be useful and necessary for me – ‘cos there are even more that I want to request or pick up from the Read Now section – but I refuse to let my ratio drop… need to get those eARCs cleaned out – now.

This one is going on all month long, so feel free to hop over and sign up, there’s still plenty of time.  It’s going to feel so good to know that I’m up to date and maybe even a little ahead thanks to motivation from this Challenge.


The second Challenge for May on my schedule is a quick one, but one that hopefully is going to instill some good scheduling habits for me – I could use better habits.

mini blogahead 400May Mini-Blog Ahead May 1-14 at Anna’s Herding Cats & Burning Soup.  Here, for two weeks we are going to work on getting posts written and scheduled for publishing… in advance.  Yep.  Get those suckers done, ready to automatically publish and move on to more stuff that needs done – or even get ready for the more active, fun-filled summer months when we should be spending some time outside or on vacation.  Can anyone say hot, sunny, wave swept beach?  Oh, how I wish.

My goal for this one is really making some good work blog habits and stick to them.  There is so much that could be done and scheduled ahead of time.  Not everything is a do and publish thing.  So definitely this Challenge is going to help me in more than one way.  Interested?  Then dash over to Anna’s and check it out.


Okay, what else is there on Keeper Bookshelf for May?  Oh.  I am totally addicted to doing the one-click thing at Amazon for “free” novellas.  You know the ones – the first book in a series or it’s promotion day and the first book or the previous book in a series is available again for “free” that day?  Yeah.  Those.  Addicted.  Totally addicted, to the point where my Kindle is getting a bit tight – I really need to get some of those read, reviewed and off of the Kindle (to make room for more – no, no to have more breathing space, yeah – that *cough*)  Anyway.  The plan is to add several of those “freebies” a week and get the Kindle a little cleaned up and cleared out.  Okay, okay – I know it’s not going to last, but let me dream a bit please?

Hmmm…what else?  There are a couple features I’d like to add here.  I’m not sure if they will be monthly or weekly – time will tell on that.  But I really want to put up a feature of “coming next week book releases”.  I know a few blogs do that now, and I’m not trying to hog onto someone’s idea -but, books – new books- who can have enough knowledge about that?  I think I have a slightly different slant to it, so that is planned.

And reviews.  Gosh, I have so many reviews due in May from NetGalley and my own already purchased or plan to purchase novels – and dammit (I mean, thank you Deb) – I have about 45 Historical novels that my friend dropped off.  So many good looking stories, never enough time so those have to be added into the equation.  All I can say is that it is a good thing I have always been a fast reader, cos I got books galore to read in May.  (I know that some are going to slide over into June, but allow me my delusions for the moment.)  😉

There are probably a dozen things I’m forgetting – but those are the basics.  Really, I’m looking forward to getting into the habit of scheduling posts and reviews.  Knowing that those are taken care of will take a lot of self-imposed stress off of my shoulders.  I would like to get caught up here at KB in order to feel free to take a day here and there and work on my other specialized book review blogs.  Again, scheduling will help me so very much across the board.

So, how’s your May shaping up?



6 responses to “Looking Ahead to May

    • Marcy

      I love Challenges – they motivate me to keep on keepin on, if that makes any sense. My trouble is that I forget to update the Challenges, that is a habit I need to make.

      I would really recommend either of both of these Challenges, both are fun and useful and… just because it’s not an ARC doesn’t mean you couldn’t tackle your TBR pile – I know it’s not the subject but hey, do it your way if it helps you… imo.

      Thanks so much for commenting and stopping by.

    • Marcy

      Hi Anna 🙂

      Yeah, I’ve got my work cut out for me next month – but if I end up with better blogging habits from it, then all the better.

      I’m going to have a blast – ‘cos why do this craziness if it’s not fun, ya know?

      Thanks for visiting, always appreciated.

  1. Good luck with both challenges! I totally hear you, I am getting buried under books. The problem isn’t the amount of review books I have, but rather the fact that I don’t have prescheduled posts on my blog. It is hard to keep up!

    Hopefully we both do an excellent job!

    • Marcy

      I post not only here on my main blog of Keeper Bookshelf, but on 4 other blogs of mine that are each a specific genre – the idea was to go into the genre a bit more deeply. But, the truth is if I do not get myself on a realistic posting schedule those other blogs are going to fall to the wayside, and I really don’t want to see that happen. What I plan to do on them is exciting to me and being bogged down on review writing isn’t something that I can afford.

      So the Challenges are very important to me – mostly to gain some good pre-scheduling habits. If I can do that, I will be content.

      I wish you the best of luck on these Challenges – and have some fun too. 🙂