Love Comes Prancing by Danni Roan

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The third son of billionaire Gordon Holiday, Collin (Prancer) has prided himself on excellence his entire life. Organized, efficient, and always in control, his dedication and hard work have led him to the highest award in The World Equestrian Games as a dressage rider, but can he hold the reins of his heart in check when he meets a laid back cowgirl with ideas of her own?

Ashley Bowlings comes from a long line of ranchers from Needful Texas. She has not only been in the saddle since she was a child, but she also lives to ride. Believing her horse is a partner she leaves a loose rein and flows with the rhythm of each new ride. When she meets the uptight, upright, and always in control Collin sparks will fly as she shows him what letting go can really achieve.

Can two people from vastly different worlds find common ground or will their differences separate them forever?

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Title:  Love Comes Prancing
Series:  Holliday Islands Resort #3
Author:  Danni Roan
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  November 11, 2019
My Rating:  4.5 stars

LOVE COMES PRANCING brings us the romance between two seemingly polar opposite personalities – yet, the truth is that Collin (Prancer) wasn’t always as uptight as he’s showing himself to be these days, especially around Ashley.  Yes, he’s always been a perfectionist but he wasn’t always so, well, almost rude about things being done only his way which, of course, is the only right way.  That’s new and his family, his friends are aware of that even if Collin is off in his oblivious, perfectionist, ‘I’m always right’ cloud.  It will take a stubborn woman with her own personal and professional identity firmly in place to take on this man who really, really needs to lighten up – a lot.

I had fun with Ashley and Collin’s story.  It might be a tad bit small of me but I so loved when Ashley would deliver setdowns to Collin and it would take him a moment to realize that he’d been zinged.  It was entertaining to watch Collin begin to see where he’s changed in recent years, even better to see him begin to take baby steps in correcting that attitude of his.  If you’re in the mood for some Christmas magic, some really good secret recipe hot chocolate, and a couple who actually fit together perfectly once they let their true selves be seen and loved then you’ll want to check out LOVE COMES PRANCING or any and all of the titles in this fun Christmas-y series.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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