Love On St Barts by Emme Cross

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Love on St BartsTitle:  Love On St. Barts
Series:  St. Barts #1
Author:  Emme Cross
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  June 5, 2015
My Rating:  4 stars
Source:  Borrowed, Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

Everyone says he’s wrong for her, but she doesn’t care.

Sunny O’Hara young, pretty, and terribly innocent returns to her childhood home of St. Barts, an idyllic island in the West Indies. She meets Sven Larson, a movie star with a bad reputation for breaking women’s hearts. She falls in love with him and begins a journey of emotional and physical discovery. But has Sven really changed? Can a good woman redeem a very bad boy?

This is the first book in the St. Barts Romance series by Emme Cross. Set on the island of St. Barts, eight square miles of gourmet restaurants, designer shops, yachts . . . and secrets.

Read on for my thoughts on Love on St. Barts.  No true spoilers, promise.

Love on St. Barts is such a charming yet ssexy story of a young, sheltered, innocent woman’s coming of age.  At the ripe old age of 23, Sunny is on her own.  She is returning to St. Barts to fulfill her father’s final wish and take possession of their family home on this lush island.  While the villa will need work, she is also planning on building on the adjacent lot.  Vacation styled villas that will hopefully become a constant source of income – but she has to get them built first.  In the meantime, she needs a job and to not only mourn, but to celebrate her new life on a beautiful island full of promise.

Sunny is so unworldly and innocent.  She accepts people at face value, harbors no ulterior motives, keeps journals with lists and notes from her various mentors and is truly a beautiful woman in looks and personality.  Perhaps because she had been almost obsessively sheltered by her father, Sunny really does not see the bad in people, until they show their true colors.  Innocent doesn’t even begin to describe her for her lack of knowledge in some things is countered by her outlook on life and willingness, even eagerness to learn everything possible.  Including the joys of a sexual relationship, a boyfriend one day but for now she’d be content to learn what sex is all about.  Oh, she knows how the “plumbing” works, she wants to experience the feelings, the sensations and the emotions.  And she has the perfect man in mind.

Sven is headed to St. Barts with his constant friend and companion, Clyde at his side.  Swen has become the stereotypical actor – liquor, sex, drugs and more sex with faceless woman all over the globe.  It’s a lifestyle that is slowly destroying him and he knows it, but it’s what he does.  Now on the way to the location of the new movie set Sven doesn’t see much different happening in his life.

One night will change his world, his life – if he lets it.  Stumbling up a hillside path, Sven sees a light in a building.  Slowly coming out of his drunken fog, he realizes that the music he’s hearing is coming from the back of a restaurant with one lone occupant dancing to the music in the kitchen.  Appreciating the view, he slowly applauds the performance and is quickly met with fiery eyes and a large knife.  Sunny.  This first encounter with Sunny will set the mood for their relationship.  He discovers the lovely young lady is willing to feed a hungry man, so they begin a conversation which will show Sunny’s innocence quite plainly.  Through other story plots, which I won’t give away here, eventually Sven will discover Sunny’s determination to experience sex through a sexual mentor — and she’s like that mentor to be him.

Love on St. Barts is the first in a series of stories, four so far, that tell the tale of Sunny and Sven’s lives together.  Each story is complete without a cliffhanger.  This story is full of innocence, lust, emotions and the setting up of the relationship between Sven and Sunny.  There will be added to this mix some rather selfish, nasty, self-centered characters, a meddling neighbor, and situations that border on cruelty.

This is also an extremely steamy story as Sven is a very good sexual mentor.  Let’s just say that most women would have loved to have such a sexy, caring and intuitive build up to their first eexual encounter.  Need more details?  Then I suggest you read Love on St. Barts.

I would definitely recommend this story.  I plan on picking up the rest of the novels as this love story is ongoing and developing more through each new story.  Again, no cliffhangers, but this is a continuation of this couple’s love story in an entertaining and imaginative fashion.  Take a chance and check out this one for yourself.

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