Mail Order Magic by Kirsten Osbourne

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When widow Ruth Arbuckle discovers her ranch foreman is stealing from her, she decides to do something completely unorthodox—she sends for a mail-order husband. She refuses to continue losing money, and she wants someone competent to run all aspects of her ranch, including the financial side. It’s purely business, but when the man arrives to marry her, she’s stunned to find him so compelling. She has no idea what to think or feel!

Sebastian Miller toils away in a bank in Beckham, Massachusetts, wishing for the opportunity to work outdoors while occasionally playing with the numbers he’s come to love. When his sister Elizabeth comes to see him with a plan for him to go west, he jumps at the chance—it’s as if Ruth’s letter was meant just for him. He gets on a train just days later, determined to woo his wife until she falls in love with him.

Will the two of them—each looking at things from very different perspectives—be able to find love together? Or will they have the loveless marriage Ruth initially planned?

Mail Order Magic is the 31st title in the Brides of Beckham series.  A complete list of titles in this series can be found on the Kirsten Osbourne page here at KB.

Title:  Mail Order Magic
Series:  Brides of Beckham #31
Author:  Kirsten Osbourne
Genre:  Western Historical Romance
Published:  February 10, 2020
Publisher:  Unlimited Dreams Publishing
My Rating:  4 stars

The “demon horde”, the younger brothers and sisters of matchmaker Elizabeth Miller, have played a large part in much of the Brides of Beckham over the years.  At first as younger mischiefmaking siblings, and then later as young men and women becoming of an age to put aside their childhood antics and seek out true love – usually through Elizabeth’s matchmaking help.  So, I will always enjoy a story where one of the 14 members of that “demon horde” find their match and everlasting love.

Mail Order Magic is a very simple, delightful love story of two people who are brought together by chance and necessity that will discover a love well worth fighting for is blooming between them.  Sebastian is a numbers man who enjoys his job at the bank yet yearns for a way to combine his love of numbers with his longing to be working outside.  Ruth is a young widow who is being robbed by her nasty ranch foreman who sees a woman as an easy target.  Add to that some tensions between Ruth and her family over how she married in the first place and you have just enough tensions to make an interesting story, and all the time needed for two people to fall in love.

I enjoyed Ruth and Sebastian’s romance and would not hesitate to recommend Mail Order Magic or any titles in the Brides of Beckham series to readers who enjoy Western Historical Romance and finding love with a stranger that can turn into a lifetime adventure.

I own a Kindle edition of Mail Order Magic.

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