Marrying My Cowboy (an anthology) by Diana Palmer & Lindsay McKenna & Kate Pearce

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Take a walk down the aisle—western style—with these tales of unbridled love, from a trio of New York Times bestselling authors who know the way to a cowboy’s heart …
The Rancher’s Wedding* Diana Palmer
When a rugged Colorado rancher who’s in the red meets up with a screenwriter-turned-waitress dogged by scandal, they put their talents—and their hearts—together. But will front page news put a damper on the sparks flying between them? 

Wind River Wedding * Lindsay McKenna
A sprawling family ranch in Wyoming, or a swanky Hamptons hideaway? A young couple’s future in-laws try to stake their claim on where the newlyweds will live. But these lovebirds won’t be corralled.

The Cowboy Lassoes a Bride * Kate Pearce
Between a hen night that goes terribly wrong and a missing wedding dress, a bride-to-be wonders if her plan to marry her longtime bad boy cowboy beau is doomed—and he wonders if his fiancée is avoiding the altar. Will love prevail?

Title:  Marrying My Cowboy
Series:  an anthology
Author:  Diana Palmer, Lindsay McKenna, Kate Pearce
Genre:  Modern Western Romance
Published:  March 26, 2019
Publisher:  Penguin Random House
My Rating:  4.5 stars

I love a good anthology, and MARRYING MY COWBOY is an excellent pairing of three of my favorite authors with believable, charming characters – and who doesn’t love a handsome cowboy, right?  I cannot pick a favorite story out of this bunch, they are all enjoyable stories with real issues to be faced and realistic actions taking place.  If you love a really good cowboy romance set in today’s world then you’ll want to check out this one.

The Rancher’s Wedding by Diana Palmer will touch your heart from the first page.  There is such sadness and betrayal in this story for both Cassie and JL that my heart broke and ached for them both.  Cassie is forced to hide so much of what she is due to another’s actions.  JL was betrayed by a woman and a member of his family.  Each is looking for no more than a possible friendship between them, but the emotions run high between this couple.  I adored this couple, enjoyed their romance — and the bad guy got exactly what he deserved eventually.  Now that’s not only a happy ending for the couple but for the reader as well.

Wind River Wedding by Lindsay McKenna gives us the touching “backstory” of Steve and Maud from her Wind River series.  If you’ve followed that series, as I have, then you’ll completely enjoy Maud and Steve’s first meeting, their growing romance right through to their wedding day.  If you don’t know the series this story is a great introduction to the community surrounding the ranch, perhaps enough to go back to the very beginning.  I loved this story and believe you’ll enjoy the slow, steady and lively journey that was the start of Maud and Steve’s lives together.

The Cowboy Lassoes a Bride by Kate Pearce gives readers of her Morgan Ranch series the delightful and, at times, madcap wedding preparations and chaos for HW and Samantha.  I’ve enjoyed the series and having this couple finally, after all that they’ve been through seeing them make it to the altar – eventually – was such a treat.  Laugh out loud moments blend easily with more serious moments of doubts to add that realistic touch that Ms. Pearce is famous for.  I had a really good time with this romance and would recommend it for any reader but especially for those who have followed the Morgan Ranch series.

MARRYING MY COWBOY turned out to be a fantastic anthology with different styles of romances but all with a satisfying happy ever after ending.  If you love a good romance then this group of Modern Western Romances in one book is perfect for you.

I own a Kindle edition of this ebook.

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