Meant To Be Different by Amelia Foster

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As a teen, I had my life figured out: graduate and make my dream of being a bull riding champion a reality. That is right up until the goth girl transferred to my school. Georgia laid the snark on as thick as her eyeliner, but I saw through the toughened façade and fell for her. Hard. 

She was willing to give up her own dream to follow me as I pursued my passion, but I couldn’t let her do that. So, I made the hardest decision of my life…and walked away.

It’s been twelve years since I left home without her and the all-grown-up Georgia is just as feisty and fiery as she was back then. It’s clear she has no intention of making redemption easy for me. Thankfully, I’m a patient man who knows what he wants. I’ve never stopped loving her, and I know she feels the same. 

Back then I was a rhinestone cowboy, and she was a dark angel, complete opposites, yet we fell in love anyway. We weren’t meant to be like every other cookie-cutter couple, we were meant to be different.

Titles in the Meant to Be series include — Meant to be Kept – Meant to be Different

Title:  Meant To Be Different
Series:  Meant To Be #2
Author:  Amelia Foster
Genre:  Modern Western Romance
Published:  July 9, 2019
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Pardon me if I have a private-ish chuckle over Wyatt and Gigi (Georgia) and their hard-fought-for second chance at love as I recall something I’d written in my review of MEANT TO BE KEPT, the first story in this series. — “The person I really wanted to give a boot to the butt was Wyatt – and I’m really hoping he has a rough time of it when it’s time for his romance story to come along.  Karma, gotta love karma.”

Yeah.  Gotta love that Karma because Wyatt sure did have a rough time getting the one woman he’s always loved to forgive and let him back into her life.  It won’t be easy, there are lots and lots of reasons according to Georgia that they can only be friends, but Wyatt is determined to win his lady back and he is one handsome, sexy, and stubborn cowboy.

Told in alternating voices and timelines, from their past love, and from their second chance love MEANT TO BE DIFFERENT will break your heart in so many ways at what both Georgia and Wyatt individually and together have gone and are going through in their lives.  The one thing they have is their love even though right now Georgia doesn’t have the trust to give Wyatt along with her love.  Their story is full of sadness and joy, tears and laughter, and family – what it means to us and what makes a family able to survive anything together.

I slipped back into this world easily, got a chance to catch up a bit with Tanner and Belle (Izzy) and got a taste of Conner who certainly has a story waiting to be told.  If you enjoy a story that gives you not only the present but how two people came to be who they are now, a love that can last through heartbreak, entertaining secondary characters, and a couple who you know belong together if only they’d give themselves a break — then you’re going to love MEANT TO BE DIFFERENT.  I had such a good time back in this world again and would not hesitate for one second to recommend it to any reader who loves a damn good story, characters who come alive on the page, and a happy ending well worth the wait.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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