Montana Son by Juanita Kees

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Can he forgive himself, move on, and let love in?

Mason Calhoun is still trying to shrug off the label of bad boy, even though he’s proved his worth to the town. But his penchant for fast cars and Harleys makes it difficult for the town to forget the accident that killed his youngest brother, Mitch. It’s hard for him to forget when the girl responsible for him losing his head is back in town, hotter than ever, swinging spanners at his father’s garage, Calhoun Customs.

When Paige Drew loses her job at the track, she takes it as a sign to come home to Bigfork and make peace with the past before she takes the next step in her life. She’s been on Trinity Calhoun’s pit crew ever since that fatal night that changed her life forever. She’s hidden behind the scenes at the racetrack for too long, ignored by her family for causing a scandal in their otherwise perfect lives.

But coming home means confronting Mason Calhoun, the reason she ran in the first place.

Titles in The Calhouns of Montana series include —  Montana Baby – Montana DaughterMontana Son

Title:  Montana Son
Series:  The Calhouns of Montana #3
Author:  Juanita Kees
Genre:  Contemporary Romance, Modern Western Romance
Published:  June 2, 2020
Publisher:  Tule Publishing
My Rating:  4.5 stars

How this series, ‘The Calhouns of Montana‘, has tugged on my heart since the very first story.  We’ve been building up to Paige and Mason for some time now, and their love story is full of second chances, dealing with the past, figuring out the future, a bit of a mystery as to why her father has such a grudge against the Calhoun family, and perhaps most poignant of all, forgiveness… of themselves for what happened so long ago that affected so many lives.

Montana Son‘ gives us Mason’s story as he lived it through the most difficult, painful time of his life.  He hides his guilt, his pain behind the hard work of losing his bad-boy reputation, earned or not.  He lost his brother and the love of his life at the same time, and nothing can change the past.  When Paige returns to Bigfork they have a chance to heal old wounds, understand reactions, and perhaps bring the love that has never left either heart back into full bloom.  More importantly, perhaps there is forgiveness, something neither ever expected to find again.

I not only loved ‘Montana Son‘ but was also completely satisfied by how the story strings were tied, how Mason and Paige have grown, and how right it felt to have them reunited again.  It wasn’t easy for either of them to get to this point, and it certainly wasn’t easy putting that relationship back together again – but it was worth it in all the ways that mattered.  We get a chance to catch up with the rest of the Calhoun clan and people we’ve come to care about in this series.  I needed that, needed to have everyone on board with the forgiveness that this couple needed to love again, to move on to a future full of possibilities again.  Sure, there were potholes, no second chance at getting love right is ever without them – but their love was strong enough (and they were stubborn enough) to work through the hard parts to get to the happily ever after part.

In all, I had such a good time with this story, this series.  And if you love a really good love story with realistic characters and a storyline to get caught up in then you’d love all of the stories in ‘The Calhouns of Montana‘ series.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from Tule Publishing. That does not change what I think of this story.  It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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