Multi-Author Series

I love series, I cannot deny that (just look through my reviews) and that enjoyment of a more detailed, involved world isn’t going to go away any time soon. 🙂

For my own purposes of keeping track of connecting series or what book comes out next in a series this “Multi-Author Series” page was born.  Below you’ll find Series Titles that are linked here on Keeper Bookshelf where I’ve listed the books in series and the authors for each one.

I’ll probably add to this page, again… I am, after all, addicted to romance in any form.  But for now, here’s where you can find some of my favorite series written by many talented authors.

Colton 911

**Colton 911: page includes all the series that fall under the Colton 911 line including:

  • Colton 911
  • Colton 911: Grand Rapids
  • Colton 911: Chicago

Coltons of…

**”Coltons of…” page includes the various “Coltons” series that have been reviewed here at KB on one page, they include:

  • Coltons of Red Ridge
  • Coltons of Roaring Springs
  • Coltons of Mustang Valley
  • Coltons of Grave Gulch

The Fortunes of… 

The Fortunes of…” page includes the following series (there are other previous series I’ve not reviewed -they are not listed here)

  • The Fortunes of Texas: The Hotel Fortunes
  • The Fortunes of Texas: Rambling Rose


Cowboys and Angels

*For the most part the original Cowboys and Angels series is complete (or as complete as it will be here at KB – the sequel series still needs to be caught up on*

The Alphabet Mail Order Brides

*This series still has a few I need to get caught up on*