New Authors – Seeking New Escapes Reading Challenge 2015

Posted February 1, 2015 by Marsha in This one's a Keeper / 0 Comments

New Authors 2015 largerBy following so many amazing book blogs I have discovered tons of new novels I want to read.  Many are by authors unknown to me – so joining in on this challenge is perfect for my education and reading enjoyment this coming year.

New Authors – Seeking New Escapes a 2015 reading challenge is being hosted again by Literary Escapism.  You can find the signup page, rules & suggestions plus the linky by following the link above or clicking on the graphic.

I am truly looking forward to a new year of brand new to me authors, exciting new novels to explore and perhaps finding new auto buy favorite authors along the way, too.

I have created a sub-page under Challenges to keep track of my progress this year.  That can be found HERE if you’d like to find suggestions from my list.  It just makes keeping track so much easier for me if I keep all the Challenges separate.

I’m going for the 25 new authors goal.  How about you?  Check it out, might as well have some fun while you discover new authors throughout the year.  🙂