No Ordinary Texas Billionaire by Eve Gaddy

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He broke the mold 

Billionaire inventor Levi Chapman prefers his old friends and his small Texas hometown to nightlife on the celebrity circuit. Only one woman ever touched his heart—architect Dana DeLong. But despite the passion between them, Dana’s drive to succeed at her job in the city, a place that drains his soul, broke them apart. After Dana returns to Whiskey River for a project, they manage to avoid each other. But when Levi’s Green Beret brother is injured in combat, Levi’s need to care for him compels him to turn to Dana. 

She broke his heart 

A job remodeling Devil’s Rock airport lures Dana DeLong back to Whiskey River, home of the lover she never got over. Though they mutually decided to remain apart, when Levi asks her to tap her specialty, designing accessible housing, to help his disabled veteran brother, she can’t refuse. Passion still burns bright between them and soon they succumb to their desires. 

Life has changed them both, but is the love they share now enough to overcome the differences that drove them apart?

Titles in the Devil’s Rock at Whiskey River series include:  Rebel Pilot, Texas Doctor – His Best Friend’s Sister – No Ordinary Texas Billionaire

Title:  No Ordinary Texas Billionaire
Series:  Devil’s Rock at Whiskey River #3
Author:  Eve Gaddy
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  October 4, 2018
Publisher:  Tule Publishing
My Rating:  4.5 stars

When I want a completely realistic romance, one that deals with real life issues, with people I could call friends or neighbors that’s when I look for Eve Gaddy’s newest release… or do a re-read, if I’m totally honest here.  *grin*  No Ordinary Texas Billionaire is a romance that feels so real from the very beginning that you will find yourself invested in the outcome of the romantic troubles of Levi and Dana.

Levi and Dana have been an item for a very long time now.  Once a couple in love they discovered that their life needs simply could not match up and eventually broke up.  Yet, that spark, that need for each other pops up every single time they run into each other, so eventually they just put plans in place to avoid the other at all costs.  That worked for awhile, but now Dana is back in Whiskey River working on the airport re-design and working closely with Travis, Zack – and Levi.  It didn’t take long before that staying apart thing fell apart…. especially when Levi’s younger brother, Asher, is returning home from the military with a life changing injury.  Since Dana’s specialty is re-designing homes for accessibility she’s the logical and only one Levi wants to make his home comfortable for Asher.  This re-design is going to change more than Levi’s home.  This time, if he and Dana can really talk and expose all of themselves to each other they just might find that loving for a lifetime can be their reality.

First off, let me say that as the mother of a thirty-something son with physical disabilities I was delighted to see accessibility play a part in this story.  It truly is something that you’ll rarely think of when reading about a disabled Vet or anyone really, but it does play a part in their everyday life.  So, yes, that inclusion just made me an even bigger Eve Gaddy fan.

Levi is just an ordinary guy who just happens to be a billionaire.  He expects no special treatment, lives a quite simple life and lifestyle (for a billionaire)  and stays far, far away from anything that shouts wealth or snobbishness.  He is most at ease in his small home town and doesn’t plan on leaving any time soon.  Dana needed the city life to launch her career, it was just as simple as that.  Their differences were surface really, as when they really talked, truly let each other in to their history, their thoughts, even their fears it isn’t difficult to see that they do belong together.  Watching them get to that point of discovery was a sexy, tender, emotional journey… with a few laugh out loud  moments as well.  I liked them both – and I loved them together.

Now, I need Asher’s story.  I truly do.

If you’re in the mood for a taste of realistic loving that has to work out a few problems along the way… then No Ordinary Texas Billionaire is perfect for you.  I fell in love with this story and would not hesitate to recommend it to any Romance reader.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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2 responses to “No Ordinary Texas Billionaire by Eve Gaddy

  1. Karli

    Is the a new book comming out, the story of asher.
    Or a story about the vet Sweetie?
    From eve gaddy or from someone else

    • Marcy

      Not that I’m aware of… but that could change at any time. If you don’t already get Eve Gaddy’s newsletter letting her readers know about new releases then I’d check out her website at for the latest updates.