Opinion: Please Don’t Spoil It For Me

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I love a good romance – contemporary, historical, paranormal, mystery, suspense – it doesn’t matter the genre, I simply love a good love story.

I absolutely hate spoilers.  I’m not afraid to admit to that one, at all.

I try very hard in my reviews of books I’ve read and enjoyed (or didn’t enjoy at all) to keep my observations, plot-wise, about what can be found in the Cover Description.  The author or publishing house decided to give those spoilers away all on their own.  The rest of the review contains my reactions to the story, my feelings for the characters, how well the author pulled me into their world or how their writing flowed, hopefully, holding me in place until the end.

Once my review is published I’ll look over other readers/reviewers’ thoughts about the same book out of curiosity.  What I often see makes me cringe.  And I know if I had read some of those reviews first that I never would have picked up the book to begin with – and sometimes I’m told the entire story including the ending so actually why bother buying the book now?

This little post, my small blog isn’t going to have a huge impact on spoilers in reviews.  I know that.  Every reader, every reviewer is entitled to their own thoughts, their own style, their own opinion.

But for the love of books that have the words “The End” in them, please don’t tell me how it all ends.  Allow me something to discover on my own, some part of this adventure that is a surprise to me, something… please.  To be quite frank, this is the reason that as a reader I never, ever read reviews before I’ve finished the book.  That probably sounds very strange to some people – but the ending has been spoiled for me far too many times to take that risk.

My opinion.  My thoughts.  My plea – Please Don’t Spoil The Book For Me By Telling Me The Ending.  I don’t think that’s too much to ask, really I don’t.


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