Quinlan’s Quest by Sylvia Daniel

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Evil touched Quinlan once. Will it do so again?

The best thing that ever happened to Quinlan Clark was the day the law took her to an orphanage. Now, the time has come for Quinlan and the other young teachers to go out on their own as mail-order brides. But childhood nightmares still haunt Quinlan, keeping her terror of men firmly set.

After ten years of hunting the men who killed his brother, Will Adams has finally come home. His mother, determined to spoil grandbabies, finds him a mail-order bride he has no interest in. But from the moment Will lays eyes on his skittish bride, he’s smitten.

With secrets between them, the two try to start a life together, but one of their pasts isn’t through with them yet. Can Will kill to protect someone he loves? And is Quinlan’s new husband just like her bloodthirsty father?

Quinlan’s Quest is the seventeenth story in the multi-author series ‘The Alphabet Mail-Order Brides’.  For a complete listing of the authors and their titles in this multi-author series please visit our The Alphabet Mail-Order Bride page.

This title also connects to the Lipstick and Lead series.  Those titles include —Desperate – Deadly – Dangerous – Daring – Determined – Deceived – Defiant – Quinlan’s Quest (a connection The Alphabet Mail-Order Brides #17)

Title:  Quinlan’s Quest
Series:  The Alphabet Mail-Order Brides #17
Author:  Sylvia McDaniel
Published:  January 17, 2019
My Rating:  4.5 stars

QUINLAN’S QUEST brings us a story full of information, laughter, bullying tactics, prejudice, honor, justice,  and a love worth waiting for.  Again, one of the reasons I love a long multi-author series is the discovery of new-to-me authors and their intriguing series.  There are many characters in QUINLAN’S QUEST from Ms. McDaniel’s Lipstick and Lead series – and they were lively and interesting enough that I’ve downloaded the first in that series because I simply wanted to know more.  That is the hidden gem in a long multi-author series.

None of the young ladies of the Wiggs School and Foundling Home really wanted to go off into the world, get married and live a life away from their friends and their security.  Perhaps Quinlan the most of all for she came to the orphanage through the death of a parent and the removal of an abusive father.  She has no fond memories of men, marriage or trusting in anything male.  Now she has no choice but to place her faith and trust in a stranger and hope that she will survive his expected beatings…. for she knows no other type of man/woman relationship.

Will has spent the last decade away from home, living a life that his parents would likely not approve of, but his need for justice has overridden everything else in his life.  His brother, Daniel, was senselessly murdered by a gang of outlaws for the sheer sport of it.  Will has spent years tracking down each member of that gang and bringing them in for justice.  Only the leader remained, and when they faced off Will was the one left in the dirt fighting for his life.  Now recovered Will is beginning to consider that perhaps one still living son is better for his family than for his parents to bury him, too.  And it seems his mother is invoking the grandbabies argument since there will be no one to continue the family line after his death.  His mother, in her *ahem* enthusiasm for grandchildren, has already sent off the ad, read the letters, and chosen his bride who will arrive in days.  So, Will’s future is pretty much wrapped up, now he can only hope that he can get along with this stranger enough to make a future family a possibility.

I liked Quinlan and Will so much, they both are holding onto secrets but the attraction is there between them if only Quinlan can learn to not fear her new husband.  The realities of life in Texas at that time are vivid, harsh and realistic.  Prejudice, hatred for no other reason than the color of skin or the race one is born into can turn even a classroom into an ugly situation.  Quinlan’s no-nonsense dealings with the trouble, along with her ingenious solution were an eye-opening experience.  Watching Quinlan and Will do a slow burn of falling in love and being attracted to each other was a delightful journey.  Unfortunately, a bit of unexpected truth and the nasty outlaw that Will has chased for years will come between this couple as they face danger and discover the support of far more people than they expected as well.

I enjoyed the secondary characters in QUINLAN’S QUEST very much.  Will’s parents are, as my own grandmother would say, a definite hoot.  She’s outspoken, determined to get her grandbabies even if she has to help the couple along.  Several ladies of the town, bounty hunters, caught my attention and I immediately went and downloaded the first story in the Lipstick and Lead series for I really want to know their stories as well.  If you enjoy a love story with some trust to be gained, an interesting small town, and realistic events for the time, then you’ll enjoy this story.

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