Review: Angels’ Share by Jennifer Bramseth

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Angel's ShareTitle:  Angels’ Share
Series:  Bourbon Springs #3
Author:  Jennifer Bramseth
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  July 14, 2015
My Rating:  5 stars
Source:  NetGalley
Cover Description:

After the deaths of her parents and husband, high school history teacher Lila McNee inherits her family’s land and retreats to her childhood home in search of safety and solitude in Bourbon Springs, Kentucky. Yet instead of the peace she needs to heal, she discovers her neighbor to the north, Bo Davenport, the owner-distiller of Old Garnet Distillery, desperately wants a big chunk of her land along the property line which has been subject to dispute for years. Bo wants land to expand the distillery, one of his father’s last wishes, and sees the property as rightfully belonging to Old Garnet. But the land is Lila’s refuge against a world that has only brought her heartbreak, and is the home to her beloved and historic springs–the very spot from which Bourbon Springs derived its name over two centuries earlier.

After months of fruitless negotiations, Bo sues Lila. And she sues him back. Drawn together by conflict born of love of the same place, the two find themselves falling for each other. But if they can’t find a solution to the land dispute and figure out a way to share that which is most dear to them, they not only risk losing the lawsuit, they also risk losing their chance at love.

Read on for my thoughts on Angels’ Share.  No true spoilers, promise.

It’s time for another tale from the deliciously rich and heady Bourbon Springs series.  This time we are gifted with Bo and Lila’s story.

Bo Davenport is so stubborn, and opinionated, and stubborn (yes, again).  Bo has a bad habit of sticking to his opinion, even when (or especially when) he’s wrong.  He wants a piece of disputed land that borders along Old Garnet Distillery property and his neighbors and Lila’s parents property.  He wants that land, he needs that land and come hell or high water he is going to get that land.  Who knew that Lila would be as stubborn as he was about what she considered her land?

Now this is not meant as a sexist remark, just a female observation but… don’t you sometimes just want to stand up with one hip jutted out, arms crossed heaving a huge sigh with a disgusted grunt of one simple word: Men!  Bo has always brought out this reaction in me.  He is just so bull-headed, I’m always right no matter what – stubborn.  Oh, don’t get me wrong he has some lovely attributes, and is definitely easy on the eyes.  I love him dearly, I truly do, I also want to shake him ’til his brains rattle.  But then that is a pretty high compliment to the author when she can get me to love and be exasperated with the man in the same sentence.

Lila and Bo really are a great compliment to each other as a couple.  They are believable, and maybe not every couple will run into their unique situation, I had no trouble accepting that they love each other “in spite of” the ongoing property battle.  Now as long as Bo doesn’t do something stubbornly stupid – wait, I’m talking about Bo here.  Okay, rewind, in the hopes that when Bo does something totally stupid and should Lila forgive him – these two will have an amazing future and happy ever after.  *fingers crossed*

I loved Angels’ Share so much.  But then, I’ve loved this entire series so far.  I’m a southern girl wannabe at heart, and I love bourbon so this series is just as close to perfect for me as I’m going to find.  None of the characters are totally over the top, all are believable as real people and for the most part, I can relate to their troubles.  While I love an Alpha male, a constant diet of them is a bit difficult to digest.  Give me a break with a southern gentleman and I’m a happy woman.

All joking aside – Bourbon Springs series and Angels’ Share are amazing stories with realistic people facing life and falling in love along the way.  They come highly recommended by me – and I sincerely hope that you will give them a try real soon.  You will find the charming South, details on bourbon, ways to drink it, make it and present it in all of it’s glory – and at the heart you will find happy ever afters that are well deserved.  Pick up Angels’ Share and discover this wonderful place for yourself.

*I received an e-ARC of Angels’ Share from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. That does not change what I think of this novel.*

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