Review: Cinderella Had It Easy by Jennifer Conner

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Cinderella had it EasyTitle:  Cinderella Had It Easy
Series:  The Cinderella Body Club #1
Author:  Jennifer Conner
Genre:  Contemporary Romance, Retelling
Published:  March 23, 2015
Publisher:  Books To Go Now
My Rating:  4 stars
Source:  NetGalley

Story one from the a new romance series of the timeless Cinderella story re imagined where four girlfriends make a wish on a locket. They all wish they were beautiful, and look like the girls they’ve always wanted to be. The belle of the ball.

Cami works in the basement of a television station which airs history documentaries. With scars on her face that she acquired in a car accident as a child, Cami finds it easier to be by herself. She gets into a heated debate with the handsome new host of the show she’ll be working on. Is Lance the knight in shining armor who can drag Cami out of her safe zone? With no carriage and no helpful mice, she has to rely on the magic from her grandmother’s locket.

Cami only has 24 hours in her Cinderella body, what will she do with it? Will she keep hiding or can she learn how to live life?

Read on for my thoughts on Cinderella Had It Easy.  No true spoilers, promise.

Cami’s grandmother had given her a magical locket.  The story goes that when wished upon, the locket will grant the wish for a 24 hour period, midnight to midnight.  Just be careful what you wish, you might just get it.

Since this is such a short story (it really is) I’m not going to rehash what the synopsis has already given you.  What I’d like you to take away from this story is that belief in magic can add to what is already in existence.

Cami really believes that she is nothing special.  That her scars detract from the beautiful woman she wishes she was.  She’s a geek, and proud of it to some extent, but guys are attracted to beauty not to brains, in her opinion.  So she clings to the geek and hides the beauty that she cannot see.

I loved Cinderella Had It Easy for several reasons.  And my wish is that you would head over to your favorite book retailer and pick this novel up right now because the facts behind the story are just as important as the enjoyment of the magical fairy tale.  I have a couple friends that I am going to gift this story to, because they need to see their own beauty too.

What is that saying? … Oh, yes.  “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  Life would be so much easier if we, and I’m including myself big time in this statement, simply believed in that saying.  No magic.  No hocus pocu.  Just believed in us enough to know when someone is seeing the real person we always were.  The magical 24 hours for Cami came from seeing herself differently, so she acted differently.  That confidence in the magic of the locket allowed her to project to everyone around her just how beautiful, brainy and unique she truly was.

Please, give yourself the gift of this story and learn the hidden magical lesson well.  Why?  Because you deserve it.

Highly recommended for anyone and everyone who needs some love in their lives.

*I received an e-ARC of Cinderella Had It Easy from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. That does not change what I think of this novel.*

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