Review: Maggie’s Turn by Deanna Lynn Sletten

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Maggie's TurnTitle:  Maggie’s Turn
Author:  Deanna Lynn Sletten
Genre:  Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction
Published:  July 14, 2015
Publisher:  Lake Union Publishing
My Rating:  5 stars
Source:  NetGalley
Cover Description:

Maggie has always put her family’s needs in front of her own, until one day—without forethought—she drives away, leaving behind her indifferent husband and two sulking teenagers.

As she begins a quest of self-exploration, she meets new people, enjoys new adventures, and rediscovers long-neglected passions. For the first time in years, Maggie contemplates what she wants from life and soon realizes that her deteriorating marriage can no longer continue as it is. Can she and Andrew repair their broken relationship, or is their marriage over?

Left to his own devices, Andrew is forced to take over the household responsibilities and bridge the growing divide between himself and his children. Slowly, he begins to understand what drove Maggie away—and how he can’t bear to live without her. But is it too late? Will Andrew lose Maggie forever?

Read on for my thoughts on Maggie’s Turn.  No true spoilers, promise.

It is my personal belief that many women (perhaps even more than we might think) have felt as Maggie does.  We go from the bright glow of being in love, to the everyday of living, our spouse becomes caught up in the bigger better mentality of rising up the ladder at work — and people get forgotten for their worth, their importance in that simple everyday life.  No one ever means for that to happen, we don’t make a five year plan and pencil in ignore wife and kids from this date onwards… but it happens.

Maggie and Andrew have been married for more than twenty years.  Now two teenagers, corporate rises and a flawlessly kept homelife later – Maggie steals a few hours for herself.  Just her, her camera and the road.  She is so tired.  Physically, emotionally, simply tired.  Somewhere along the way she lost herself, and has no idea how to find that women full of dreams of the future again.  So she kept driving.  Leaving the husband who has no clue about her or their children, the marriage that has gone from the heights of love to something far less, the children who demand in teenage voices every last bit of emotion she has left.  She did not leave with malice.  It was not her intention to hurt anyone of them.  But she needed, with every fiber of her being, to find her lost self once again.  That journey would take her on the road, and leave her family behind to try to cope without her – and perhaps, for one moment, realize the glue that holds their lives together – is missing, out on the highway on the way to discovering who she truly is now.

Maggie’s Turn is such an emotional, intense and freeing novel.  Each of us would face Maggie’s situation in our own unique way – this way was right for this character.  For me, one of the most compelling things about this story is the way we slowly grow aware of just how tired, emotionally spent, physically exhausted Maggie truly is.  This is the way of life.  Sadness, tiredness of this magnitude creeps up on us, adding to the weight day by day until it is finally simply unbearable.

I would recommend Maggie’s Turn to any reader.  Female or male.  Young or old.  This is a story that will stay in your memory.  And that’s a good thing.

*I received an e-ARC of Maggie’s Turn from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. That does not change what I think of this novel.*

Maggie’s Turn is available in several formats including the Kindle



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2 responses to “Review: Maggie’s Turn by Deanna Lynn Sletten

  1. Hi Marcy,

    Thank you for the lovely review of Maggie’s Turn. I’m always thrilled when a reader “gets” Maggie. It is such an emotional journey, but heartwarming too. I love how you called it “freeing” also. A perfect description!

    • Marcy

      Maggie’s Turn resonated with me. I could easily put myself in her shoes. Different situation, different coping mechanism but I “got” her most definitely.

      I wish you great success with Maggie’s Turn. It is a novel that is relative at most any stage of life.