Review: Own The Wind by Kristen Ashley

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Own The WindTitle:  Own The Wind
Series:  Chaos #1
Author:  Kristen Ashley
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  April 2, 2013
Publisher:  Grand Central Publishing
My Rating:  5 stars
Source:  Owned, Kindle edition
Cover Description:

Tabitha Allen grew up in the thick of Chaos—the Chaos Motorcycle Club, that is. Her father is Chaos’ leader, and the club has always had her back. But one rider was different from the start. When Tabby was running wild, Shy Cage was there. When tragedy tore her life apart, he helped her piece it back together. And now, Tabby’s thinking about much more than friendship…

Tabby is everything Shy’s ever wanted, but everything he thinks he can’t have. She’s beautiful, smart, and as his friend’s daughter, untouchable. Shy never expected more than friendship, so when Tabby indicates she wants more—much more—he feels like the luckiest man alive. But even lucky men can crash and burn.

Read on for my thoughts on Own The Wind.  No true spoilers, promise.

It’s a fantastic feeling to be back with the Chaos Motorcycle Club once again.  While reading Motorcycle Man, the concluding novel in the Dream Man series, I kept thinking – these characters need their own series and I need to know their stories.  Thankfully that wish was granted.

Tabby and Shy’s story was the perfect reintroduction to Chaos.  Time has passed since Shy helped Tyra rescue a teenage Tabby from a very bad decision.  She’s gone on to nursing school and to a planned wedding.  Sky has settled into Chaos, earned his cut and now is firmly established in the club.  The interest in Tabby was always there in his background.  But she was Tack’s daughter – and as the daughter of the president and leader of Chaos MC she had a unique and at times difficult place within the club.  He considered her off-limits, yet when her friend Natalie screwed up and put Tabby in a place she should never have been, Tabby called Shy for a rescue again.  Tabby’s fiance had been killed in a car accident.  Now her friend was in deep trouble and dragging Tab in with her.  Shy offered friendship, and to help her through those dark days by just that – being a friend.

Tabby has had a crush on Shy forever.  She had moved on with Jason, but when he died her world turned upside down.  What began as friendship eventually turned into more – and when that happened Shy dropped the woman he had been seeing in order to come to Tabby with no one else in the way of what they could create from their feelings for each other.  But they delayed in telling Tack or Tyra or anyone in Chaos about their relationship – and that was the wrong move.

Own The Wind is an emotional, intense and steamy, sexy experience.  Yes, Shy is an Alpha male and all that includes which translates into he can be a jerk and a major pain in the butt at any moment of the day.  While Tabby grew up in Chaos, she now needs to make a stand to show her support for the man she loves – that’s not always going to be easy seeing how Shy could be a carbon copy of a younger Tack.

It was such a delight to see old friends again.  Characters from the Dream man series and the Rock Chick series show up during some intense times for Tabby, Shy and Chaos.  And Elvira – gotta admit I was really glad to see her once again… no one can cut through the bull like that lady.

There is also the beginning of a deeper, darker threat running through the story that I suspect will be part of what ties future stories together.  I’m looking forward to where that will take us.

I don’t think there is any fence sitting when it comes to Kristen Ashley’s work – you either love them to death or you don’t.  It’s very hard to be lukewarm on this subject.  I come down on the love these stories and have always re-read them to go back to that entertaining place that her stories take me.

One last thought.  While you do not “have” to have read the Dream Man series to enjoy anything Chaos Motorcycle Club — if you read at least Motorcycle Man that story will set you up to get deeper into this new series.  You do not need to, but it would enhance the reading experience, in my opinion.

Definitely recommend this one, and looking forward to the next in the series.  Indulge yourself with some Chaos.

Own the Wind is available in paperback, audio and for the Kindle




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