Rhett’s Make-Believe Marriage by Liz Isaacson

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She needs a husband to be credible as a matchmaker. He wants to help a neighbor. Will their fake marriage take them out of the friend zone?

Rhett Walker has been in Three Rivers for a year, relying on the Foster sisters next door as he rebuilds his ranch after a tornado hits the town. He’s closest to Evelyn, and they spend a lot of time together. While he’s entertained thoughts of starting a relationship with her, there’s always a boyfriend and their friendship between them.

Evelyn Foster runs a successful, secretive matchmaking service for the women of Three Rivers. She helps set up situations so cowboys can get out of their own way and see the beautiful woman standing right in front of them. Business is great—until people start to lose confidence in her abilities because her boyfriends all seem to break up with her.

To save her business, she’ll have to risk her heart. And her pride. She knocks on Rhett’s door—the only person she thinks will go along with her crazy plan. Could their make-believe marriage be exactly what they both need to get out of their own way and find a happily-ever-after?

Titles in the Seven Sons Ranch: A Three Rivers Romance series include – Rhett’s Make-Believe Marriage – Tripp’s Trivial Tie – Liam’s Invented I Do – Jeremiah’s Bogus Bride – Wyatt’s Pretend Pledge (January 2020) – Skylar’s Wanna-Be Wife (February 2020) – Micah’s Mock Matrimony (March 2020)

*a connecting series to the Three Rivers Romance series*

Title:  Rhett’s Make-Believe Marriage
Series:  Seven Sons Ranch #1 –connects to Three Rivers Romance series
Author:  Liz Isaacson
Genre:  Romance, Modern Western Romance
Published:  September 3, 2019
Publisher:  AEJ Creative Works
My Rating:  4.5 stars

RHETT’S MAKE-BELIEVE MARRIAGE kicks off the Seven Sons Ranch series with an emotional, intricate, and powerful story of past hurts, faith, and changes to come to all the Walker brothers as they move to Three Rivers, Texas to reset their lives in so many ways — and perhaps to find that love of a lifetime when they least expected it.

Rhett’s first contact with the woman who would come to mean so much to him, and provide him with frustration after frustration came suddenly in the midst of a tornado as Evelyn and her sisters took refuge in the basement/storm cellar of Rhett’s new ranch, not realizing that he had arrived.  The spark between Rhett and Evelyn was there as they all huddled together waiting out the storm, yet Evelyn could do little but stare at the man who caused her to become a bundle of nerves and she couldn’t figure out why. The Foster sister’s ranch is suffering as the three sisters are working hard to keep the ranch profitable, each adding their expertise and paychecks together to make this work.  Evelyn is a silent matchmaker, one who provides information to women who are looking for that special cowboy to love for life.  But her own romantic failures have caused a drastic drop in clients.  After all, how could a matchmaker figure out someone else’s love life when they can’t hold onto a boyfriend themselves?

Desperate measures call for desperate actions – and Evelyn is about to ask her best friend, Rhett to marry her, for the business’ sake not for real.  And that simple request will open up a storm of emotions, hurt, hope, and if they’re really lucky and hold onto their faith perhaps a love that could last forever.  But it’s going to be a frustrating, painfilled road to travel before they get anywhere close to that happy ending.

RHETT’S MAKE-BELIEVE MARRIAGE drew me in from the beginning and kept me firmly in place until the final page.  I adored Rhett, he has his reasons for not dating but they’re going out that proverbial window once he met Evelyn.  Her request opened the door to perhaps finding that happy ending with the woman he’s coming to love.  Evelyn.  Oh, this woman frustrated me so much throughout the story.  The answer is right in front of her yet she will not make a decision, choose a path, admit that maybe she’s scared but willing to try.  It will take her world falling down before she realizes that she’s loved Rhett from the beginning, when it may be too late for happy endings.

I loved this story of intriguing characters, tight-knit families, and the uncertainty of falling in love, of trusting yourself, of giving your heart into the care of another.  While I was definitely Team Rhett on this one Evelyn’s growth throughout the story (even when she frustrated me) is a slice of real-life for who among us hasn’t questioned why.  I will be following this series since now I need to know how Rhett’s brothers fair in the game of love.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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