Savage Nature by Christine Feehan

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Savage Nature

Christine Feehan’s Leopard series is one of my favorites and the addition of Savage Nature only increased my enjoyment of these alpha men and their equally strong women.

This story opens in the Louisiana bayou where Saria Boudreaux  is taking night photograghs of an owl’s nest from a nearby blind.  When lights that should not be there are suddenly flashed nearby, Saria’s gaze silently searches the swamp surrounding her.  The terrified human scream breaks the normal noises of the  bayou and is just as suddenly cut off.  A few moments later Saria hears the furious roar of a leopard near, what the people often call the ghost cats, but she knew better.

Drake Donovan stood on the dock taking in the sights and scents of the Mississippi River.  He had been sent here to investigate a message sent to his boss in an unsigned letter.  A message about large cats, death and possibly shifters.  He knew all too well that the world carried secrets in it’s wildest places, especially since he was one as well.

Throughout the rest of the novel we are treated to Drake’s discovery of Saira as his and his leopard’s life mate.  Saira knows of the leopards in the swamp, but does not yet understand that her own leopard is finally emerging.

With the constant tension of the search for a killer, and the intense feelings between Drake and Saria this addition to the Leopard series is a sweet, tasty treat.

Never want to give away a story too much – but this one is a keeper for certain and a wonderful introduction to Christine Feehan’s Leopard series if you’ve never read any before.  While part of a series, Savage Nature can be read as a stand alone novel.