Semi-Psychic Life by Elizabeth Hunter

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Who says you can’t live the rock and roll life after forty?
You just need a lot more vitamins and a bigger bottle of aspirin.

Valerie Costa was pretty sure she was rocking her forties. She had an amazing coffee shop, two cool teenagers, and a new superpower that gave her insight into any random object she touched.

Okay, she wasn’t thrilled about that last one.

Ever since Val and her two best friends had driven their car off the edge and into Glimmer Lake the year before, Val has struggled with her new abilities. She’s not exactly sure she wants to be psychic, she could live without her newfound glove addiction, and honestly, no one wants to know that much about their teenage sons.

But when Val’s ex-husband goes missing, and police show up at her door with questions she can’t answer, Val, Robin, and Monica are going to have to use their sudden psychic abilities to solve a mystery none of them saw coming.

Titles in the Glimmer Lake series includes – Suddenly PsychicSemi-Psychic Life –  Psychic Dreams (August 2020)

Title:  Semi-Psychic Life
Series:  Glimmer Lake #2
Author:  Elizabeth Hunter
Genre:  Paranormal Women’s Fiction
Published:  April 21, 2020
My Rating:  4.5 stars

I am loving the Glimmer Lake series.  It’s just that simple.  And, if I had any doubts (which I did not just to be clear) then Semi-Psychic Life would have definitely rocked my book-loving world… which it definitely did.  I’m enjoying how this world is coming together, how interlaced the three friends, Val, Robin, and Monica are, how unique they all are both in their abilities and the paths life has taken them on.

The secondary characters are gaining their own lives now, and the possible romantic interest is certainly interested, no doubt.  Yet, while there are certainly romantic undertone possibilities in Semi-Psychic Life, that is most definitely not the focus – woman power certainly fills that role very well.  I was so comfortable with Val’s relationship with her boys, and how they’ve blended into a family that does indeed stick together, no matter what.  And that “what” is about to hit the fan when Val’s ex-husband goes missing, the police begin questioning her family, and not everything is as simple as it may seem.  Not one little bit.

While I normally say very little about a plot (aside from what can be found in the Cover Description), this time I’m not saying another word for there are twists, turns, surprises and red herrings galore – and I loved every single moment of being back in this world.  If you love a good mystery with bits of the paranormal world mixed in along with women who are stronger together, tougher than they look, and most definitely coming into their new powers then you’d feel right at home in Semi-Psychic Life.  I would not hesitate to recommend this story or the entire series to any reader because the genre doesn’t really matter when the story is this good.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.  (I do not know how long it will be there.)

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