Shifted For Love by C. A. Tibbitts

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Shifted For LoveTitle:  Shifted For Love
Series:  Pepper Valley Shifters #1
Author:  C. A. Tibbitts
Genre:  Paranormal Romance Shifters
Published:  October 29, 2015
Publisher:  Booktrope
My Rating:  3 stars
Source:  NetGalley
Cover Description:

Jace moved in with Fiona and her father when she was fourteen. Tall, lean, and hotter every day, he caught Fiona’s eye on day one, and she has had a crush ever since. The problem is, Jace has never looked at her as anything but a friend.

On Fiona’s sixteenth birthday, her dad announces she is going to mate a shifter she has never met when she turns twenty-one. Zane, though cute and muscled, is arrogant, older, and not at all her type.

One night, Jace finally sees Fi for the woman she has become. In a moment of weakness, he succumbs to her request for “just one kiss.” A mate’s addictive taste is something neither Jace nor Fiona can deny.

Caught by a secret past, Jace believes he will never deserve a woman like Fi. However, Fiona harbors a deep dark secret of her own, a secret that may change all of their lives.

Pepper Valley: A town where shifters, vampires and other creatures are a part of society. What will happen when two shifters fight — over a love that has been ordained, and one that is forbidden?

Read on for my thoughts on Shifted For Love.  No true spoilers, promise.

Shifted For Love is the introductory novella in the Pepper Valley Shifters series, a community full of shifters, vampires, and plenty of surprises.

This was one of those stories where I didn’t love it, and I didn’t hate it either.  What it did actually was frustrate me on many levels, but even saying that it is a good basic story of young love, drama and some pretty bad choices by both of the main characters.  The cover description of the novella gives you pretty much the information you need to decide to try this one or not.

What I found were two characters who were likable, sexy even in a very young manner and yet they frustrated me with the solution to any situation being running away.  Never saying what’s on their mind, assuming what is happening with out talking – and again, just running away from each other and from situations they found themselves in.

By looking at the reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, I realize that I’m in the minority on this one.  But I didn’t find the depth that I wanted in these characters, I didn’t see them grow up any little bit from beginning to end… and that stood out to me.  Please don’t get me wrong, it’s a good story it simply wasn’t a story for me.  There is an audience (obviously) that will enjoy Shifted For Love and that is fantastic – we readers are a diverse bunch where not everyone loves every story.  For me this one got a 3 star rating, which is a good book.

*I received an e-ARC of Shifted For Love from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. That does not change what I think of this novel.*

Available in paperback and for the Kindle


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