So Many June 30th Releases!

Posted June 27, 2015 by Marsha in Discussion Post / 2 Comments

cropped-pink-reading-girl.jpgAs of this moment, I have 14 or is it 15 launch day reviews that will go live on June 30th.  There are some really, really good novels about to hit the book (or e-book) stands.

In the last few months I’ve really tried to get my reviews out on release blitz day.  Oh, they’re all written up, I could release them right now but I hesitate.  It’s true, sometimes life gets in the way and I miss a release date, and while that bothers me personally – it’s also life, ya know?  Not everything goes exactly as planned, but I’m trying my best to get as many release day reviews out as I can.

Now comes my question – mainly for authors.  Do you prefer to see reviews up for your new release the week before launch or on release day?  Which would you, not the publishing company, but would you rather see?  Does it even make a difference as long as there are tons of reviews to get the word out about your new work?

I’m simply really curious and would plan my review releases in the way an author would prefer, if at all possible.  Any feedback would greatly be appreciated.  It’s your work after all.



2 responses to “So Many June 30th Releases!

    • Marcy

      Hi Jen,

      Yeah, that’s the timeframe that I most often see on the approval emails. There seems to be a combination of pre-launch and blitz launch. A couple have asked to hold reviews until release day if possible.

      I’m trying to hit release day – but this week – I don’t know how I got so many that release on one day… but I’ve managed to get them all ready but whew. lol

      Thanks for commenting. I appreciate it.