Soul Corrupted by Lisa Gail Green

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Soul CorruptedTitle:  Soul Corrupted
Series:  Of Demons and Angels #2
Author:  Lisa Gail Green
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Published:  September 9, 2015
Publisher:  Full Fathom Five
My Rating:  4 stars
Source:  NetGalley
Cover Description:

In Soul Corrupted, the sequel to Soul Crossed, life in Heaven isn’t all “happily ever after” for Josh and Grace. Now Guardian Angels, they are entrusted with finding and saving the next potential Antichrist. But Grace is consumed with worry about her family, which is dealing with the aftershocks of her death. She’s particularly concerned about her brother Noah, who has turned down a dangerous path of drugs and violence—and she’s frustrated by the rules of Heaven, which forbid her from contacting them.

Josh has troubles of his own. A former Demon, he questions his ability to guide troubled souls to the light. When he discovers that Noah made a deal with Lucifer and has even been hanging around with Josh’s old Demon pal, Keira, he makes a forbidden counter-deal with the Devil to save Noah’s soul. Josh’s side of the bargain? He has to sever his relationship with Grace.

Josh and Grace’s world is about to spin out of control, testing the limits of true love and blurring the border between Heaven and Hell.

Soul Corrupted is the second installment in Lisa Gail Green’s Of Demon and Angels series, which started with Soul Crossed.

Read on for my thoughts on Soul Corrupted.  No true spoilers,  promise.

Josh and Grace have made it to Guardian Angel status.  But not everything is going as they expected.  Grace is spending a lot of time watching her family from Heaven, even though that is frowned upon.  She is worried about her brother, Noah, and has no idea of how to turn him from the dangers he is facing should he continue along the path he is heading.

Again, Josh has made a deal with the devil.  (will he never learn)  To save Noah, Josh must give up Grace.  So Heaven is not turning out to be a happy ever after for Grace nor Josh.

There are two young possibilities for the Antichrist in this story.  And events are heating up as it seems the end is fast approaching.

Soul Corrupted is told from several points of view.  For me, this helped a lot in understanding what was happening beyond the view of some characters.  It also made some decisions and actions make more sense.  Knowing how and why Keira became what she is slightly changed my reactions to her.  She’s still a Demon, there is no doubt about that but seeing why, changed hatred to strong dislike.

The ending is a cliffhanger, as I would expect.  I’m looking forward to the conclusion to this trilogy.  And the revealing of who the Antichrist truly is, and the battle that is certain to come.

I enjoyed Soul Corrupted and would recommend it for readers who enjoy Young Adult Fantasy.  Really, most of what you need to decide if this is a story that you would enjoy is in the book description, to say much more would be giving away spoilers.

*I received an e-ARC of Soul Corrupted from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. That does not change what I think of this novel.*

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