Spirit of the Season by Fern Michaels

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Christmas is a time for remembering loved ones past and present – the holidays are also the time to discover a future that, like the perfect gift, is as satisfying as it is surprising . . .

Joy Preston misses her beloved late grandmother dearly. But when she learns the terms of Nana’s will, she’s shocked—and more than a little irked. Joy moved to Colorado years ago and is now CEO of a successful nail polish company. Her life and career are in Denver. How can Nana have expected her to give that up, even temporarily, to take over a bed and breakfast in North Carolina for six months?
Yet there’s no denying Heart and Soul’s charm, especially at holiday time. The B&B is always elaborately decorated for the season, with themed guest rooms and dazzling lawn displays created for the annual Parade of Homes competition. The entire town takes part in the festivities, and soon Joy, too, is joining in the gingerbread house contest and letting her reservations melt away.
There’s another special reason for Heart and Soul’s popularity. Rumor has it that, during the holiday season, guests can be reunited with the spirit of a loved one who’s passed on. Joy’s skeptical, yet she feels her beloved Nana’s influence all around her . . . perhaps even indulging in a little matchmaking between Joy and handsome estate attorney Will Drake.
A special homecoming and the glow of new beginnings will combine to make the holiday magical.

Title:  Spirit of the Season
Author:  Fern Michaels
Genre:  Contemporary Romance, Christmas Romance
Published:  September 24, 2019
Publisher:  Kensington Books
My Rating:  4.5 stars

I have enjoyed Fern Michaels’ books for years now, but I absolutely adore her Christmas tales as they add that special magic of the holiday season along with her stellar storytelling skills into a book I will re-read each Christmas – and SPIRIT OF THE SEASON is going toward the top of that re-read shelf for me.

Joy’s story starts out with sadness that soon turns into confusion, determination, and a different look at life as she comes to Spruce City, North Carolina to tend to her Nana’s Bed & Breakfast and help her mother along with loyal employees, who are more like family, keep the B & B running smoothly through the holiday season.  Most of what you’d need to know before picking up SPIRIT OF THE SEASON is in the Cover Description.  Yet that doesn’t prepare you for the emotional, comforting and completely enjoyable world you’re about to enter into.

I loved this story so much.  Small town, Christmas celebrations and festivities at every turn, generations of the family interacting with love and respect, perhaps a new love, definitely new respect for what her Nana has created – and a sweet little ghost connection that will make you smile throughout this tale.  I don’t need to tell you more and take the chance of spoiling the discovery of this beautiful love story – this is one you should experience firsthand, tissues and all.  If you love a really good story that includes romance, Christmas magic, a bit of a ghost story, and a family that has gone through so much and remained so strong and supportive then you’ll love SPIRIT OF THE SEASON.  I could not walk away from this story and read far beyond my bedtime – but lack of sleep was so worth it.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

Available in Hard Cover, Audio and for the Kindle


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