Stacking the Shelves #22

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I don’t know about you but 2020/the start of 2021 has been quite an experience around here.  Living in a bubble might be a great escape for a week or so… but my family has been at it for a year now – and it’s getting old, real old.  But then – surviving this pandemic is the ultimate goal so I shouldn’t really be complaining, right?  Just as soon as the vaccine is available for me and my son you’d best bet we’re heading out of the bubble for that… until then we continue to live remotely, trying to keep our sanity intact.

I’ve done a lot of reading, escape/pleasure reading, and ARCs.  I’ve cut back a lot on requests for ARCs recently because, honestly, I often find myself in a dark place, more like a depression I’m certain, where writing up those reviews isn’t happening as quickly as I’d like.  I hate going back on my word, so I’ve cut back a lot.  I’m sure I’ll dive back in one day to far too many books to keep up with, but that day isn’t right now.  I don’t think I’m the only one feeling this way either so… hang in there, we’ll get to the other side of this one day.

Arcs picked up for review this week

I’ve followed both series, love the authors so these are special treat reads for me.  🙂 (links take you to Goodreads)

That’s it, folks!

Short ‘n sweet this week.  I’m determined to keep up with “Stacking the Shelves” much better – I really need a good way to keep track of new buys/borrows/requests for each week though.  Does anyone have a great system that worked for you?

In any event, may all your reading be enjoyable this week.  🙂




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  1. Marsha

    Ah, thanks, Sheila! Hope you’re doing well in all this craziness!

    Here’s a virtual hug right back atcha!

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