Sweet Home Montana by Lynne Marshall

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Entrepreneur Wade Conrad is called home to act as a temporary guardian for his teenage half-brother, who’s acting out and needs strong guidance. Wade feels they are both floundering, so he seeks help for Brent at Healing Heart Acres, an equine therapy center. 

Erin Chase has been working as an equine therapist since her fiancé called off their wedding with no explanation three years ago. She personally enjoys the peace found through animal therapy and believes in passing on the gift. When Erin meets Wade, she’s instantly drawn to his concern for his brother, as well as his kindness and charm. 

Wade treasures time spent with Erin. They both long for more, but Wade’s leaving for California soon and his brother’s needs come first. Will he take a chance on love before it’s too late?

Titles in the Charity, Montana series include:  Her Baby, His Love – Their Christmas Miracle – Sweet Home Montana –

Title:  Sweet Home Montana
Series:  Charity, Montana #3
Author:  Lynne Marshall
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  September 27, 2018
Publisher:  Tule Publishing
My Rating:  4 stars

Sweet Home Montana brings three people together who are each broken in their own ways by life and circumstances.  They each have a good chance at happiness individually, as a couple and as part of a larger family.  But in order to find that happiness they’ll need to learn to trust, and let go of the past… and that’s not always easy to do.  Erin lost her ability to trust when the man she was to marry left her basically at the altar with no explanation.  She’s found peace working with equine therapy both for herself and for others.  Healing Heart Acres has done wonders for her and she strongly believes that it can help others.  She may not be completely whole yet, but she is far better than she once was.  Which is why when Wade brings his half-brother, Brent, to the center for help Erin is convinced they can help them both.  She couldn’t have known how tightly bound their futures were about to become

An emotionally powerful story, Sweet Home Montana slowly unfolds layers in Erin, Wade, and Brent’s lives to allow for healing to begin.  There’s no magic, there is understanding and facing what happened in the past and dealing with it realistically.  It is a compelling story as we watch these characters grow, learn, and let go of their pasts and begin to let trust, acceptance and even hope have a place in their hearts.  It’s not easy, anyone who has dealt with a teenager in rebellion knows that — but it is possible with the right words, tools and compassion.

Wade and Erin work as a couple, they have a rocky road to their happiness but the attraction and respect is obvious.  Brent has some growing up to do, he can’t have things his way always and that lesson is part of the growing pains of youth.  Watching the brothers form a relationship was emotional as well – there is a lot of pain in this trio, and seeing them at the ending as happier, more secure people was worth what they had to go through to get there.

I enjoyed this story.  It touches on deeper issues in a realistic way, yet also allows for lightheartedness and some truly fun moments as well.  I would recommend Sweet Home Montana to any Romance reader who enjoys going a bit deeper into the issues that cause our reactions, and watching that moment of happiness emerge like a battle well fought.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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