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Star Trek Memories

Posted June 9, 2023 by Marsha in Discussion Post / 0 Comments

I’m just going to leave this here.  Some will remember the first time they encountered the crew of the Enterprise.  Others know them from reruns.  I was there for Classic Trek… and all the rest.

Live Long and Prosper, old friends.  Memories linger long after loved ones are gone.



That’s It For April ARCs

Posted April 24, 2023 by Marsha in Discussion Post / 0 Comments

I’ve hit publish on the last ARC for Keeper Bookshelf for April 2023.

It’s always a satisfying moment, but also that moment when I take a look at my TBR or the other books that still need to be reviewed and… well, then I sigh, for there sometimes aren’t enough hours in the day for all I need to do.

For the rest of April, I’ll be putting up some overdue reviews.  A few of them will seem out of season to some, but then I can read a Christmas Romance at any time of the year. 🙂

If you don’t want to, then I sincerely hope that you’ll just mute @keeperbookshelf on Twitter instead of unfollowing me… who knows, maybe someday you’ll want to read thoughts on romance novels once again.



COYER Seasons – Spring 2021

Posted March 2, 2021 by Marsha in COYER, Discussion Post / 0 Comments

I really, really need to clean out my e-reader (COYER) – it’s overloaded beyond what I’m comfortable with these days.  Time.  It’s always never enough time in the day.  But… the Spring session of the COYER 2021 challenge is perfect to dip my feet back into this reading challenge once again.

To join, to learn the “rules”, or simply find a great community here’s the link to the Spring Season of Coyer (it’s also on the graphic over there <–)

In short, if you have any of those *free* series starter books on your e-reader (and I think most readers certainly do) then you’re perfect for this reading challenge – and it only gets better from there as any e-book under $2 or Audio or Physical book under $5 qualifies… and those 99¢ books add up, right?

Follow the link, check out the Spring season “rules” and have some fun while you make space on your e-reader for even more books – because, honestly, we all know that we won’t stop downloading books any time soon.  *wink*

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Joining the 2020 Finishing the Series Challenge

Posted January 13, 2020 by Marsha in Discussion Post, Reading Challenges / 0 Comments

It’s so easy to get caught up in the “challenge madness” of the beginning of each new year.  January comes around and I’m ready to dive in to far more challenges than I can honestly handle – come on, they all sound so fun – but I’ve learned to be selective, to pick the ones that I have a chance of keeping up with given that there is always some “real life” not “reading life” issue that will crop up.

So when another blogger’s post about this challenge popped up in my feed I took a look – and yeah, 2020 Finishing the Series Reading Challenge really does fit in with my reading style and my own plan for the coming year.  (You can find out everything you need to know by clicking either on that text link above or on the graphic link over there <– )

More details are on the next page.

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Twenty Years with The Bridgertons and Julia Quinn

Posted January 5, 2020 by Marsha in Discussion Post, Regency Romance / 0 Comments

Twenty years.  Two decades.  It’s kind of shocking to realize that it’s been that long since I first met these amazing characters and got caught up in their world.  Or perhaps I should add “worlds” for this original series has branched out a bit since the original series was first published.

And, to make this reader of the Bridgertons very happy is the sweet fact that all of my favorite Bridgertons and their eventual spouses are heading to Netflix – one very happy reader to be able to see what my imagination created years ago.

Over the years, Julia Quinn has become a “go-to” author for Regency/Historical Romance for me.  I’ve enjoyed the lively characters, the vivid worlds, and the intrigue that she brings to every story.  I don’t see that ending any time soon.  If she writes it, I will read it – it’s that simple.  I began this journey long before this blog existed – but perhaps it’s time to revisit this world as a celebration of my own of a group of characters that I love and return to often.

If you haven’t entered the world of The Bridgertons yet then I would highly recommend this particular series and add those that came later and connect in some way to the original series.  If you love Regency/Historical Romance I don’t see how you could be the least bit disappointed with what you’ll find within the pages.

Thank you, Julia Quinn, for the stories, the people who live within the pages, and the adventures they’ve taken me on – here’s hoping there are many more to come.

The Bridgertons series includes — The Duke and I – The Viscount Who Loved Me – An Offer From A Gentleman – Romancing Mr. Bridgerton – To Sir Phillip, With Love – When He Was Wicked – It’s In His Kiss – On the Way To The Wedding — and all the #.5 titles are in The Bridgertons: Happy Ever After — Anthologies:  Lady Whistledown Strikes Back – Further Observations of Lady Whistledown

If you want more (in a way) of the Bridgertons and their neighbors, the Rokesbys then you’ll want to check out — The Rokesbys: A Bridgerton Prequel series — Because of Miss Bridgerton – The Girl With The Make-Believe Husband – The Other Miss Bridgerton – First Comes Scandal


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Thank Goodness This Week Is A Wrap! #4

Posted January 5, 2020 by Marsha in Discussion Post, Thank Goodness This Week Is A Wrap / 0 Comments

Wow!  2020.  Let’s hope it’s a year of clearer vision for us all.  I know that it’s been a crazy, busy week it’s been around my house – I’d bet probably yours, too.

This post has been shared on The Sunday Post, a weekly recap from so many amazing blogs hosted by Kimberly over at Caffeinated Reviewer.

Well, we survived the Holiday Season once again.  The tree is down and carted away to become mulch for the boro, the last of the leftovers have been either devoured or *sniff* tossed, and now comes the fun of finding places for all those goodies that were under the tree waiting to be the center of attention once again as putting the gifts away becomes a priority.  We, as a family, had fun – but now it’s time to go back to the everyday world.

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Thank Goodness This Week Is A Wrap! #3

Posted December 8, 2019 by Marsha in Discussion Post / 8 Comments

What a crazy, busy week it’s been around my house – I’d bet probably yours, too.

This post has been shared on The Sunday Post, a weekly recap from so many amazing blogs hosted by Kimberly over at Caffeinated Reviewer.

We got our first live tree in, well, decades.  My adult son, who is determined to give Mom everything on her bucket list he can come up with – and then some, decided that I wanted a live tree.  Hmmm.  I don’t recall making that wish out loud but hey, I’m not going to turn one down.  Living in apartments for years, and with a cat who is determined to climb every single Christmas tree I’ve put up and then ride it down like a snowboard are the main reasons I’ve gone with artificial trees over the years.  But I did miss the smell, the special feel of a live tree – so there is a lovely 6 foot Frazier fir sitting in our living room at the moment – and yes, I’m definitely going back to live trees again.  Kids know their parents well, even if we don’t realize it all the time.  It’s not decorated yet, the lights going on are always my least favorite part, but that’s on the agenda for today.

In my book world are Christmas Romances galore.  I seriously believe I’ll be reading and reviewing Christmas love stories well into the 4th of July week at this rate.  I bought so many (no, don’t ask, it’s embarrassing) and there is an equal amount in Kindle Unlimited that I’m itching to click on.  I love Christmas Romance, really any time of the year but I have some serious reading to do – and I know full well that I’m not going to be done by New Year’s Day.  But, oh well.  No one said I have to stop on a particular day.  I “could” hold back and save some for next year but the truth is I’ll simply buy the new ones in 2020 so then I’d have double to read!

I’ve started the scheduled posts for 2020, and getting those first reviews ready to post is a big deal for me.  I always hesitate on how far before publication day to post an e-ARC review and I’ve come up with about a week in advance.  I don’t want the anticipation to be too long, but still enough time to have the review up should the publisher or author want to use quotes (it happens some times and I’m always thrilled when I see them).  Do you have a formula on how far in advance you review ARCs?  There don’t seem to be any hard rules to follow, at least that I’ve found.  Anyway, that’s started and the beginning is the hardest part of any habit.

That’s a wrap for me this week.  Now I’m off to tackle the lights on a live tree and then the fun part of bringing out decorations that have such loving, wonderful memories attached to them.  I hope your reading week to come is awesome and filled with stories you’ll love.


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Thank Goodness This Week Is A Wrap! #2

Posted December 1, 2019 by Marsha in Discussion Post / 8 Comments

*wipes brow* Whew!  Survived a rough week and came out the other side still smiling, still functional, still getting my feet back under me from the stomach flu that ran rampant through my family.  I feel like singing “I Will Survive” quite loudly.  🙂

I’ve decided to add my own weekly wrap up to everyone else’s over at Caffeinated Reviewer.  Kimberly has created such a welcoming feature/meme with the Sunday Post that this is the perfect way to keep me accountable by also posting over there.  The link is up above, so go visit if you haven’t already discovered this pretty amazing woman’s site.  I always (always) come away with more book ideas, end up spending book money (I’m sure Amazon loves when I go visit a Sunday Post offering) and discover lovely blogs.  So you should check it out, soon.

How in the world did it get to be December 1st?  I mean – really, how?  I’ve accomplished some of what I’ve got written in that cute planner of mine, but certainly not all that I had intended.  And… I need to map out the changes and plans for my two blogs for 2020 (like now) so I can start the scheduling of posts for 2020.

Do you hold over unfulfilled plans from the previous year… or rework them into something different… or just scrap them?  I kinda do a combination of all of that.  Some things that sounded like the greatest idea ever – weren’t, so those get scrapped.  Then I usually rework the things that didn’t get done but still really need to be accomplished in maybe a different format or plan.  If it couldn’t get my attention last year then I have to change it up to work next year – or at least that’s my thinking on unfulfilled blog goals.

I’ve managed to get almost caught up from the 7-10 days when I could barely sit at the computer for more than half an hour – still have 4 reviews that need up today so they’ll be in that “publication week” deadline.  Life happens to all of us, but I try very hard when that happens to at least get reviews that I’ve committed to up and online before the start of the next “publication week” for the next round of releases.  Sometimes I win that battle, sometimes I lose depending on how hard “life” hit that time.  But I’m feeling good that I’ll be caught up and able to get to work on scheduled posts as well as current ones in the next day or so.  Not bad really, not after coming back looking like a “Walking Dead” extra with really bad zombie makeup.  🙂

Okay, I think that’s gonna wrap it up.  I will start listing the reviews done and the ones scheduled at some point, probably nearer to the New Year.  I truly want to be a bit more organized before I start that so I need another week or so to pull that schedule together.

I hope your week is awesome and full of really, really good books!



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Thank Goodness This Week Is A Wrap! #1

Posted November 23, 2019 by Marsha in Discussion Post / 2 Comments

In the six years (or so I forget the exact day I officially started the blog) that I’ve been reading and sharing my thoughts about those stories through reviews, I’ve never done my own “Wrap-Up” posts.  I don’t actually know why.  Perhaps early on I thought I was too new for anyone to be the least bit interested in, I dunno.  I do know that I’ve a check-list of things I intend to change or add next year and a Wrap-Up was part of that.  Yet today – well, after the week it’s been around here I figured why wait?  Just jump in and see how it flies.  🙂

To be frank, the blog suffered this past week — and a nasty, contagious, insidious stomach virus is at the heart of the bad stuff of this week.  This bug ran through my family and friends for a week now (and counting) and it’s only this morning that I’m starting to feel somewhat human again.  Somewhat – the day’s not over yet.

Fortunately, I’d read quite a bit in the days right before this hit so I could get out a few reviews, and scheduled reviews are a life-saver I hope you know that and use them well.  My scheduled posts are winding down for the year, and this is a really good wake up call to keep up with that scheduling.  I’ll be writing like crazy this weekend trying to get caught up a bit (and I hope it doesn’t come across as spammy to those who get email notifications) but honestly, I’m behind and these books need their reviews up right now.  I’m a fast reader and a note-taker, so I’ll soon be where I should have been all week – I just hate dropping in all those reviews at once.

The saddest realization of this crazy, messed-up week?  I haven’t cracked the Kindle cover on a single title that I BOUGHT!!  Not One.  There’s been no time for pleasure reading – and I seriously think that’s something that has to be added to that list of changes for 2020.  Sometimes it’s the craziest things that make you sit back and go “Hmmm… that needs to change.”  Well, I certainly got that wake-up call in November.  It’s probably too late for 2019 but the planning for 2020 isn’t done yet so there’s time and hope.

My week has been crazy, fighting a stomach virus, trying to do something normal like wash clothes but for the most part it was a wash of a week spent mostly in naps and quick moments of activity (until the exhausted hit and then back to the naps).  I hope yours was so much better.  🙂


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So Many Christmas Titles!

Posted November 5, 2019 by Marsha in Christmas Romance, Discussion Post / 0 Comments


I’ve spent the weekend reading Christmas books, most for NetGalley reviews, but a few just for me.  And yet… that pile of Christmas Romances doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller.

In fact, I might have added to it since new releases have come out in November that, well, I needed.  You understand, right?

So now I’m looking at so many stories that I want to read – so many I need to read to fulfill commitments (enjoyable obligations I might add) and wondering how in the world I’m gonna get them all read before the end of the year.  *sigh*

How’s your Christmas reading working out?  Never enough?  Or… I love them but I’m getting too many!  Me?  I’m somewhere in-between, but I march onwards for I know there are even more releasing in December!  🙂


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Some Merging, A Bit of Rearranging

Posted July 11, 2019 by Marsha in Discussion Post / 2 Comments

Over the next three months, I will be merging the best (if not all) of three smaller blogs, and some posts (that I can recreate) from blogs that I had to delete for various reasons.

(and that’s my Harley over there – she’s sad, too, at the extra work that has to be done now – but toss her a ball and she’s over it much faster than I am 🙂 )

If you’re on my mailing lists you might see an increase in the notifications – and if you follow me on Twitter you will definitely see an increase there.  Yet, sometimes you just have to take care of stuff and that’s what I’ll be doing for a while.

My overall plan is a slow feed of posts over to Keeper Bookshelf from today until the beginning of November when those other blogs will go away as well.  It won’t be overpowering, and you’ll probably not notice anything different.  But I’m a person who explains why something different is happening with my websites — and this is most definitely different.

Thanks for your patience.  Hopefully, the end result will be well worth the time and work involved.  🙂