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Hello June ~ Welcome Back Around

Posted June 1, 2015 by Marsha in Discussion Post / 0 Comments

Hello-JuneThe wee hours of June 1, 2015.  The year is half over, or half is yet to come – depends on how you look at things, isn’t it?

I have a lot to accomplish this month.  And I’m certain that more will be added to that pile as the days move on.

Looking at my shelf over at NetGalley shows me I’ve some reading and reviewing to get done, but not overwhelming – at this point, anyway.  And thinking of the physical novels I bought yesterday plus the ones I downloaded from Amazon — *rolls eyes*  What was I thinking!  But, it’s okay, it will all get done, eventually.

The May ARC Sweep is ended, and I got a lot cleared out, reviewed and up-to-date, until June.  I’ll take that accomplishment and run with it.  Thanks to the Blog Ahead event, I’m doing well on scheduled posts ready to drop.  So for the two specific challenges for May – it went well and I’m satisfied with my personal results.

Speaking of Challenges – I really need to update the ones I joined back in January.  I know I’ve read the books *hangs head* – I also know I’ve been horrid about going and listing them either on the Challenge hosts blogs or on my own pages.  Something else to add to the June to-do-list.

I have definitely upped my time on Twitter this month – but still more needs to be done.  Not truly comfortable there yet, but that will come.  On my list for this month is working on Pinterest – gosh, I’ve been so bad about that.  Actually, as a shy person who usually isn’t very talkative – I haven’t done badly this past month – so I should cut myself some slack.  *grin*

I really, really need to spend more time on the genre specific blogs, and silly me, I added another one a couple days ago.  Logic says I “should” keep it all here at Keeper Bookshelf – but, I dunno.  It’s a brand that I’m working and I really should not water it down too much.  Yet I enjoy the idea of the diversity of the genre specific blogs… once I get a better handle on scheduled posts, I should not have to worry about them too much.  Time, there rarely seems to be enough time.  Aw well, again, it will get done eventually.

Anyway, enough of my mind wandering out loud here.  *sheepish grin*  Summer is upon us and I’m looking forward to complaining about humidity and high temps, you too?  Lots of novel releases to look forward to, new friends to make and brand new worlds to explore.  I’m looking forward to the chaos – I think.  *wink*

Happy June to you all – and I hope all you wish for this month comes true.




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