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Thank Goodness This Week Is A Wrap! #1

Posted November 23, 2019 by Marsha in Discussion Post / 2 Comments

In the six years (or so I forget the exact day I officially started the blog) that I’ve been reading and sharing my thoughts about those stories through reviews, I’ve never done my own “Wrap-Up” posts.  I don’t actually know why.  Perhaps early on I thought I was too new for anyone to be the least bit interested in, I dunno.  I do know that I’ve a check-list of things I intend to change or add next year and a Wrap-Up was part of that.  Yet today – well, after the week it’s been around here I figured why wait?  Just jump in and see how it flies.  🙂

To be frank, the blog suffered this past week — and a nasty, contagious, insidious stomach virus is at the heart of the bad stuff of this week.  This bug ran through my family and friends for a week now (and counting) and it’s only this morning that I’m starting to feel somewhat human again.  Somewhat – the day’s not over yet.

Fortunately, I’d read quite a bit in the days right before this hit so I could get out a few reviews, and scheduled reviews are a life-saver I hope you know that and use them well.  My scheduled posts are winding down for the year, and this is a really good wake up call to keep up with that scheduling.  I’ll be writing like crazy this weekend trying to get caught up a bit (and I hope it doesn’t come across as spammy to those who get email notifications) but honestly, I’m behind and these books need their reviews up right now.  I’m a fast reader and a note-taker, so I’ll soon be where I should have been all week – I just hate dropping in all those reviews at once.

The saddest realization of this crazy, messed-up week?  I haven’t cracked the Kindle cover on a single title that I BOUGHT!!  Not One.  There’s been no time for pleasure reading – and I seriously think that’s something that has to be added to that list of changes for 2020.  Sometimes it’s the craziest things that make you sit back and go “Hmmm… that needs to change.”  Well, I certainly got that wake-up call in November.  It’s probably too late for 2019 but the planning for 2020 isn’t done yet so there’s time and hope.

My week has been crazy, fighting a stomach virus, trying to do something normal like wash clothes but for the most part it was a wash of a week spent mostly in naps and quick moments of activity (until the exhausted hit and then back to the naps).  I hope yours was so much better.  🙂


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