Task It Tuesday Update – Well, sorta kinda

Posted October 8, 2019 by Marsha in Discussion Post / 2 Comments

January 1st looms and I immediately start making plans to do “whatever” better next year.  You, too?  I think it’s a contagious leftover mindset from getting ready for the holidays and all I didn’t get done.  Anyway.  I had plans to keep up with the monthly Task It Tuesday! over at Because Reading — it sounded like a great way to get better organized, and do I ever need that in my life.

And then life got in my way, both reviewing life and the other, the real everyday life.  And, well, things did not go as intended.  But… I did get some things better organized and will simply have to work on better habits going forward.

I managed to keep up with –

  • Combining or deleting categories from my blog
  • Streamlining the “tags”/shelves I use most often on Goodreads (that was getting out of control)
  • Keeping better track of books I’ve actually purchased (not on the one day TBR) — now if I could just get those books read and or reviewed on a better schedule
  • Using Google Calander more efficiently

I think of what I’ve managed to get a better handle on using the Google Calander is the best all-purpose reminder that I have.  I keep track of release dates, review due dates, when to read to get that review up in a timely fashion, purchased books, pre-ordered books… and even a reminder to water my poor plants that often are screaming for a drink of water.  It’s not perfect, things still slip through the cracks in life but it’s better – and I’ll gladly take that.

I haven’t done as well with Task It Tuesday! as I had wanted – but I’m not really disappointed either for I have made changes, and will continue to streamline my blogging routine.  I will definitely do better next year, for yes, I’m a glutton for punishment (mental) and I’ll do this again in 2020.  But for now, I’m good with what I’ve done.  I’ll update again the end of the year but as long as I keep this schedule/habit I should be on a good track to add more in the future.

So, how about you?  Have you made better blogging/real-life habits this year?  Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t kept up – life happens.  Picking myself up and beginning again is a habit I hope I never give up on.  🙂



2 responses to “Task It Tuesday Update – Well, sorta kinda

  1. Keep better track of books is my downfall this year. I am stinking so hard on doing that. I wanted to keep track so I can do stats for the end of the year but of course that didn’t work out the way I wanted but I am planning to do better in 2020. 🙂 goods Luck with your goals!

    • Marsha

      Thank you 🙂

      I’ve learned to “not sweat the small stuff because after all, tomorrow is another day”

      (yeah, really bad combination of “sayings/quotes” there) but the point is I will do better, I’ve already done better it’s a work in progress and I’m okay with that.