Teatime With A Knight by Kit Morgan

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A 21st-century spitfire trying to survive.

A 19th-century knight descended from warriors of old.

A few mysterious time travelers out to save the world.

And one big fat mess! For a time …

Tory Phelps was about to hit rock bottom, so when her dream job presented itself out of the blue, she grabbed it. Little did she know her new employers were not all they seemed. Either they were wacko, or the impossible had happened.

Sir Aldrich Barrow loved to hunt and fish, so invitations from Stantham Hall’s delightful, yet unconventional, owners were always welcome. But when the duke of Stantham hires a beautiful tutor for the duchess, Aldrich’s visit, not to mention his world, is turned upside down and then some!

Time Master Dallan MacDonald is no stranger to matchmaking. He himself was fated to be with his lovely wife, Shona. In fact, they had little choice in the matter. But matched they were and saving the world is now their thing. Playing matchmaker to someone else, on the other hand, is an entirely different matter! Can they bring two complete opposites together? Never mind the fact they’re from different centuries!

Titles in the Matchmakers in Time series include – Christmas with the Cookes – Teatime with a Knight – Dancing with a Prince –

There is a connection to Geralyn Beauchamp (Kit Morgan’s alter ego) series the Time Masters and with Kit Morgan’s set of several series set in Clear Creek beginning with the Prairie Brides series.

Title:   Teatime with a Knight
Series:  Matchmakers in Time #2
Author:  Kit Morgan (with some help from Geralyn Beauchamp)
Genre:  Time Slip Romance
Published:  January 31, 2020
Publisher:  Angel Creek Press
My Rating:  4.5 stars

I had such a blast with ‘Teatime with a Knight‘, and if you’ve enjoyed any of Geralyn Beauchamp’s ‘Time Master‘ series, or Kit Morgan’s ‘Prairie Brides‘ and the subsequent spin-off series then you are in for a delightful treat in this one.  We are invited along on one of Dallan’s and Shona’s assignments of protecting the linage of future Time Masters by ensuring that the right people meet, fall in love, and marry with eventual children – all the while being in danger from some nasty villains who want nothing more than to wipe out of existence any trace of the Time Masters.  We’ll also get to catch up with Duncan and Cozette, the Duke, and Duchess of Stantham who are also time travelers.

Tory is really at the end of her rope.  Dead-end job, a worthless brother who won’t find a job or even pretend to be or act like an adult, and no change in sight until Tory applies for a specific tutoring job… one that will change her life as she knows it forever.  She’s about to meet the man she could love for a lifetime — in another century.  She’s just not aware of moving from modern-day back in time to Victorian-era England through a bit of side-stepping information and never leaving the estate.  Tory is just convinced that everyone around her is cosplaying, a bit weird, but to each their own.

She’ll be befriended by Aldrich, a Knight who is friends with Duncan and Cozette.  Soon that beginning friendship changes as each begins to feel the tug of their hearts (and their DNA) that quickly turns to an attraction that neither expected.  Neither knows that they are being set up to meet.  And life for this couple is about to get very interesting, even unbelievable at times.

I had fun, I enjoyed myself and I’m about to go download the next title in this series.  If you love a good Time Slip Romance or if you’ve enjoyed one of the other series and haven’t yet discovered one of them then the ‘Matchmakers in Time‘ series is perfect for you.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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