Thank Goodness This Week Is A Wrap! #3

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What a crazy, busy week it’s been around my house – I’d bet probably yours, too.

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We got our first live tree in, well, decades.  My adult son, who is determined to give Mom everything on her bucket list he can come up with – and then some, decided that I wanted a live tree.  Hmmm.  I don’t recall making that wish out loud but hey, I’m not going to turn one down.  Living in apartments for years, and with a cat who is determined to climb every single Christmas tree I’ve put up and then ride it down like a snowboard are the main reasons I’ve gone with artificial trees over the years.  But I did miss the smell, the special feel of a live tree – so there is a lovely 6 foot Frazier fir sitting in our living room at the moment – and yes, I’m definitely going back to live trees again.  Kids know their parents well, even if we don’t realize it all the time.  It’s not decorated yet, the lights going on are always my least favorite part, but that’s on the agenda for today.

In my book world are Christmas Romances galore.  I seriously believe I’ll be reading and reviewing Christmas love stories well into the 4th of July week at this rate.  I bought so many (no, don’t ask, it’s embarrassing) and there is an equal amount in Kindle Unlimited that I’m itching to click on.  I love Christmas Romance, really any time of the year but I have some serious reading to do – and I know full well that I’m not going to be done by New Year’s Day.  But, oh well.  No one said I have to stop on a particular day.  I “could” hold back and save some for next year but the truth is I’ll simply buy the new ones in 2020 so then I’d have double to read!

I’ve started the scheduled posts for 2020, and getting those first reviews ready to post is a big deal for me.  I always hesitate on how far before publication day to post an e-ARC review and I’ve come up with about a week in advance.  I don’t want the anticipation to be too long, but still enough time to have the review up should the publisher or author want to use quotes (it happens some times and I’m always thrilled when I see them).  Do you have a formula on how far in advance you review ARCs?  There don’t seem to be any hard rules to follow, at least that I’ve found.  Anyway, that’s started and the beginning is the hardest part of any habit.

That’s a wrap for me this week.  Now I’m off to tackle the lights on a live tree and then the fun part of bringing out decorations that have such loving, wonderful memories attached to them.  I hope your reading week to come is awesome and filled with stories you’ll love.


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8 responses to “Thank Goodness This Week Is A Wrap! #3

  1. I’m not a romance reader, and I especially dislike predictable but I’ve got several Christmas stories on order this year. I do hope I enjoy them. I wish the same for you!

    A live tree sounds so fabulous. I miss the pine scent.

    • Marsha

      I missed the scent as well, didn’t realize just how much until walking into the house and being hit with that Christmasy smell.

      I hope you have fun with your Christmas Romances. Dragging out my Christmas books is all part of the holiday traditions – I just keep adding to that pile each year to the point it’s become… rather large. *laughs*

  2. I hear you on the having books to read well into the next year. They have them available starting in October and I don’t read them until after Thanksgiving so I have lots of holiday posts this week.

    I love a live tree and have never gotten a artificial one but I have gotten a small potted tree a few years. They are about the same price as the big ones some years though!

    I also tend to only publish my ARC reviews about a week at most in advance of release.

    Have a lovely week and enjoy those holiday romances!

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    • Marsha

      Glad to know I’m not alone on the Christmas Romances overloaded piles to be read. 🙂 It seems, to me, just like the decoration and store displays we also start to see ARCs of Christmas stories earlier each year. The first one I had this year was a September release. So many good books out there, but trying to get all the ones I see that look interesting to me read before the holiday season is over seems an impossible task these days.

      I missed a live tree, didn’t realize just how much until this one was sitting in the living room all set up and beautiful. It will be hard to go back to the artificial ones now.

      A week seems to be a logical time. Too far in advance and who is going to even remember reading a review about it? Or at least that what I have thought. So I’ll stick with my week in advance and within a week of publication day on either side (when life happens, and it always does) and see how that works out this coming year. Enjoy your reading week to come. 🙂

    • Marsha

      True, a live tree can be messy, especially when it’s time to take it down and all the needles fall everywhere – especially hurtful when dried pine needles are stepped on. They are not called needles for nothing! But… still, there is nothing quite like the smell and feel of a live tree. So hopefully one day you’ll get to experience that for yourself – then you can decide if they are worth the mess or not. 🙂

    • Marsha

      For the longest time I reviewed on publication day, but sometimes life happens, ya know? And those reviews ended up being within publication week, so I was planning on changing that this coming year. A week before seems a logical time and that’s what I’ll plan on unless an ARC giver state otherwise.