The Anti-Honeymoon by Bethany Michaels

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No groom? No Problem.

When her fiancé tries to turn their wedding into a publicity stunt, Jenna ditches the nuptials—and the groom she shouldn’t have been with in the first place—and skips straight to the honeymoon.

The getaway driver, her ex-fiancé’s former business partner, Zach, is the perfect guy to help reshape her romantic newlywed itinerary into an anti-couple, anti-romance, anti-honeymoon adventure for two.

They trade couples yoga for kickboxing lessons. Five-star dining on the beach for pizza and beer at a dive bar. Forget couples massage—Jenna’s getting that tattoo she’s always wanted, and dares Zach to get one, too. And those naughty boudoir pics she took in place of romantic sunset snaps? Those aren’t going in anyone’s wedding album. Not that Zach will forget them anytime soon.

As each item on Jenna’s anti-couples list is checked off, the anti-honeymoon with Zach feels more and more like the real thing, and she wishes the list was just a little bit longer…and even steamier.

Title:  The Anti-Honeymoon
Author:  Bethany Michaels
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  March 16, 2020
Publisher:  Entangled – Lovestruck
My Rating:  4 stars

I had such fun with The Anti-Honeymoon, between chuckle snorts and flipping pages to see what happens next, this story flew by and I completely enjoyed myself in this world.

Jenna already had doubts about this marriage but her now ex-fiancé’s latest action on their wedding day was the final straw in a pile of indifference from him that reached the ceiling.  He was all about himself, her as a trophy wife, and really a huge publicity stunt of a wedding.  You don’t put the people most important to your bride in an unseeable corner and that was the end for Jenna as she dashed out of the church and into the first car she saw which wasn’t the chauffeur-driven ride she first assumed – at all.  Not one to waste a good getaway, Jenna decided to take that honeymoon trip herself minus the groom – and plus the driver of that car who is turning out to be a far better man than the one she just dumped at the altar.  But Zach has secrets of his own that just might put a stop to a budding new romance.

I liked The Anti-Honeymoon, the characters were realistic and the story flowed smoothly.  Yet, for me, a cover gives me a first glimpse of the couple I’m about to read about and this cover didn’t do that for me.  A small thing perhaps, but noticeable.  I did have a good time in this world, Jenna and Zach fit perfectly even with a small hiccup in their relationship.  If you love a good, solid romance then this is one you should be adding to your reading list.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story.  It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

Available for your e-reader, mine is the Kindle



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